2014 Gourd Harvest is complete!

2014 is he first “serious” year of gourd cultivation on Deberosa and it has been quite successful.

Many people do not succeed with gourds due to impatience.   Gourds must suffer a killing frost before harvesting or they will rot.  Some will rot anyhow if they came on the vine late in the season so the longer the season the better the gourds!  This year the killing frost did not happen until Halloween so the gourds kept growing thicker shells.

IMG_2972 IMG_2978

The next step in harvesting is to let them sit outside all winter!  Well, for here there was a middle step – moving them all to an area for the winter.   This first year the beds were not in the best places so the gourds had to move to enable making permanent beds in the future.   It’s good because it took 6 people all day to move all of the gourds.    They were put in a fenced in area because as they dry the wind blows them all around by the time spring rolls around.

IMG_2955 IMG_2964 IMG_2966

6 Trailers later the gourds were all located in their winter fence.   They will stay there until spring, turning moldy and ugly and drying out to be light as a feather.  They certainly were not light for this harvest day!

In the spring I’ll post about the next step in processing.

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