New Masks Available

Go To: Deberosa online store

October special free trivet with every order!! Fall selection of masks only $4.00 each! Many new products on line.

Masks include nose clips to avoid fogged glasses!!

Now new fall styles of masks and a special Clearance section!

Shop now at:

Go To: Deberosa online store

These masks are not like most being sold. They do not hang on your ears and are adjustable with a sliding cord lock at the back of the head. They have a slot for a filter and now have a built in nose clip! All of this for only $5 (clearance also up to 50% off) plus $8.00 USPS Priority shipping! In August get a free trivet with every order!

Shop on line now at

Deberosa Crafts Online Store

3 thoughts on “New Masks Available

  1. I thought 5 shipped for free but it keeps adding 8 dollars. Is that correct? Also, what is the location in Floyd? Thank you

  2. Hi Dana there is a charge per shipment of $8. I am located at 5142 Alum Ridge Rd in Floyd for pick up. I also have a selection at Chics antiques in Floyd but not for on line orders. I ship express USPS

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