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There will come a point where many people will need to understand what is happening in our world as great changes are beginning. After waking up to the evils at play, I have researched full time for two years now. As I learn more this site can serve as a repository for others starting this journey. You can access all of the site from the links on this post. I hope to post news of events daily as updates to the news post and write my thoughts daily on a separate post to just remind myself what I think all of this means! Keep an open and inquiring mind as you travel through these pages as much of what will be shown is shocking to the senses!

Here are three resources that will help you get started in understanding what is happening and about to happen. First is a documentary done in 2019 called The Fall of the Cabal This is a 10 part documentary and it is what started me on my journey of discovery – mainly trying to prove to myself that this was all made up! I have failed!

Janet Osebaard continues to publish sequels to this first documentary to provide some historical perspective. I will post them under the historical tab.

After watching the Fall of the Cabal another great introduction is the Plan to Save the World:

Lastly here is a link to a piece called the Trump world tour. This provides context for many of the other posts on this site. It summarizes a world tour that Trump did shortly after he took office and provides insight into the story behind the happenings in recent times.


Here is another version of the world tour! it’s worth watching twice! What was in the soccer ball???

Great Awakening

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Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

This page will collect examples of the cabal at work in our lives!

The system of birth certificates is just a way for the cabal to track their stock. Look at your birth certificate. It has a serial number just like every dollar bill in this country. Watch this video to see what they are doing! This is why they want to kill off old people. Remember Obama care’s duty to die????

The birth certificate scheme

A great list of the false narrative that is being fed to the people !

If you are not on telegram you need to be ! Much of the news I can only post telegram links. News links will follow and recommendations gif news sources!

Start with stormy. If you have not watched the trump world tour video you need to now! Link is below.

Trump world tour!!!

More from stormypatriotjoe! This is a spiritual battle!

Whistle blower documents showing the FBI targeting parents.

C-vine is posting info from the researchers of 2000 mules. The next phase of their discoveries is even more damn good than the mules! There were multiple layers of corruption in the 2020 election!…html

Great Awakening

How the narrative is controlled

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.

Here is another educational article on the war for control of the narrative.

Great Awakening

Why is the second amendment so threatened?


1. What makes this nation impossible to invade outside-in? *The number of privately owned firearms in America.

2. What does that make all private firearms owners in America? *One of its greatest strengths, assets and deterrents to hostile foreign nations in regard to national defense.

3. What does that mean for private firearms owners? It means they are individually and collectively tactical targets to any invading country.

4. How would you expect the Chinese to fight? *By winning the fight before it’s fought; by taking the path of least resistance, and attacking from the shadows.

5. How would the Chinese invade? *Inside-out vis-a-vis infiltration on a long timeline resulting in actual or de facto ownership and control of American institutions, departments and agencies.

6. What does all of that mean? *It means the attack is coming from inside our own government, which is beholden to China [proxy Biden], and is seeking to disarm private firearms owners and abolish the Second Amendment.

Now, this:

HEADLINE: Law Professor Jonathan Turley Criticizes FBI Director and Dirty Cop Chris Wray for Labeling Jan 6 “Domestic Terrorism”

Pay very close and particular attention to the use of the term “domestic terrorism/terrorist” as it’s being used relative to 06 Jan 21. This is a direct overlay with the use of the same pertaining to the disarming movement and attack on the Second Amendment – all coming from China and its owned U.N.

I explain those details as resting on old work in this recent article:


Great Awakening

False Flags!!!

It’s time to delve into what a false flag is, how to identify them and information on what seems to be a drastic increase in these events! The evil forces in this world are not concerned about death or destruction so these may be staged or they may cause serious harm. They are designed to distract attention from something else happening.

It may be that there are more false flag events occurring or maybe it is that discerning people are not believing what the media is telling them! Here is a link to a start on that discussion!

What happened on 9/11 and why?

More information coming out!

What have you noticed strange about the Uvalde shooting? Door propped open? Standby order? False flags can still be fatal. The evil forces behind them have no respect for human life. But they can also be a total charade. Watch carefully the details and use your discernment!

So the cop drove right by him outside after he shot at the school? Sone missed cues here it seems.

BREAKING 🚨 Uvalde Police Department no longer cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s investigation into the massacre at Robb Elementary School – ABC

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Great Awakening

Biden emails!

And here is Biden on hunters laptop from Phil Godlewsky on telegram:

The Phil haters want to talk about Phil.

Phil wants to talk about THIS photo, taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sitting President of the United States.

Although, I have on good authority that “sitting President of Nothing” is more accurate.

Now you know why he was executed in 2019.

Don’t ever forget what we’re fighting for.

Stop this horror!!!

Great Awakening

The corrupt health care industry

As with much of the corrupt government the health care system is a huge money making endeavor. Now they are backpedalling fast!

What is in the shots?

Cdc changed guidelines after gay couple infects their dog!!!

They did it! Robert F Kennedy, Jr. and Del BigTree did it!! They finally proved the long held that

“VACCINES don’t cause autism” is completely false. And they forced the CDC to remove their statement saying it!


The CDC can no longer claim that VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!

Because they can… and they do.

In 1980 autism was 1 in 10,000

1986: Then vax industry lost liability and the massive increase in unsafe childhood immunizations began

1990’s: autism 1 in 500

And multi-vial concoctions paired with Tylenol and the ever increasing doses…including neurotoxic aluminum continued…

2018: 1 in 36 children with autism.

2021: American children will get 72 doses of vaccines and there are over 250 in the pipeline.

By 2030: at this increasing rate, autism is projected to be 1 in 2 children.

That is the end of a nation.

Are you awake yet?

The greatest lie that has ever been told has finally been exposed.

What are you going to do with this information?

“A vial of “blood clots” from post-jab post-mortem adults. Turns out they aren’t BLOOD clots at all, they are complex “biostructures” that are growing & building inside the blood vessels & arteries. Far larger structures are being found in femoral arteries & carotid arteries.”

Blackrock and Pfizer and CDC

This was proposed secretly by the Biden administration!

Connection to the occult

Mad Scientist Anthony Fauci Resume

• Created the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

• Created Covid.

• Created multiple Influenza strains.

• Has pushed an experimental, and dangerous vaccine on society – including children.

• Has pushed masks and segregation on society – including children.

• His recommendation of Remdesivir/Ventilator has murdered thousands of Covid patients.

• It is now known he oversaw countless unneeded, and quite frankly – sadistic experiments on dogs and other animals. • Has purposely withheld effective, safe, and proven treatments against Covid.

• Conducted experiments on HIV Positive Foster Children in NY.

Anthony Fauci is the second coming of Joseph Mengele. This man is probably the most prolific serial killer in history.. Future Proves Past.

Great Awakening

Jan 6 and voter fraud!

Do you know there are still political prisoners in solitary confinement with no trial for January 6th? Here is a site with real video about what really took place January 6th.

This documentary is a must watch!

Once you watch 2000 Mules above you should watch this next video!

Here is public testimony from Maria Zacks

Also here is a deep dive by Patel Patriot taking a deep dive into 2000 mules. I have a link to all of his work on the devolution article. All facts he digs up!.

Presentation. In Arizona by True the Vote