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  • Masks – in adapting to the new normal unique masks are now available. These masks do not use elastic and do not hang on the ears to interfere with glasses and hearing aides. They have a slot for a filter and tie with a cord lock.
  • Resin Tile Coasters – These Coasters are created with 4 inch tiles and fabric which is sealed with Art Resin. Art Resin is food save and heat safe up to 120 degrees which makes these coasters not only beautiful but very functional. For a more absorbent surface just turn the coaster over and use the convenient cork backing! All Resin Coasters are $7.00 each plus shipping.
  • Matte Tile Coasters – These 4 inch coasters are made the same way except they are sealed with dishwasher safe Mod Podge instead of Art Resin. All Matte coasters are $5.00 each plus shipping.
  • Photograph Coasters – these 4 inch tiles can be made with any photo you supply on plain copy paper. They are sealed with Art Resin and backed with cork. They are $7.00 each plus shipping.
  • Trivets are 6 inch tiles made with fabric patterns and Dishwasher Safe Mod podge. They have a felt backing. Trivets are $10.00 each plus shipping.
  • Gourd Bird Houses – All bird houses have multiple layers to provide years of beauty. First they have a coat of primer (Kilz), then a coat of latex paint, then Acrylic paint decoration and any sparkles. Lastly the gourds are protected with Art Resin which provides not only UV protection but non yellowing years of beauty. Sturdy cable hangers provide a safe environment for young birds. Deberosa gourd bird houses are $30 each plus shipping and are built to last outdoors!
  • Flow Art Necklaces – made from the drippings from the bird house projects! They are $7.00 each plus shipping.

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