From the summer of 2020 I have been studying the world around me in detail.  What I have been discovering needs to be shared!  I hope to guide you through what I have learned.  Much of it is truely unbelievable so if you don’t have an open mind this is not for you!  If you stick through a few resources as I have and connect the dots you will have a whole new world opened up for you!  This is NOT political.  It IS spiritual in nature.   If you find it worthwhile share it with the world to awaken others!

The term Deberosa became symbolic of my personal journey toward a simpler, sustainable lifestyle  that began in 2003.  A handyman working on bids for work at my community based home commented “What are you building – the Deberosa?” My name is Debbie and thus a term was born. Indeed I was creating my own “Deberosa”.  When Googling this term in 2003, I  got exactly one hit to an article in Spanish. Loosely translated Deberosa can mean “an independent woman” or “bountyful or fruitful”.

The journey started on the Olympic Peninsula but in 2009 moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Deb 🙂

    Even though I know some of the story I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear more as you have the time to share….
    Shartel –

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