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Blood moon total eclipse

https://www.koin.com/weather/blood-moon-lunar-eclipse-to-fall-on-election-day/ Ok this is supposed to happen in Virginia at 4:00 AM on Nov 8. Then not again for three years. My question is if this is caused by the earth being exactly between the sun and the moon, how does that happen at 4:00 am???

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23 Flat earth Theory

Flat Earth theory

This is a series of videos that are not simply about flat earth. I dare you to watch all of them and still doubt the Bible! Flat Earth Theory Why lie about flat earth? The two suns of Tarteria. A fascinating video! https://youtu.be/Kwzmf3ddMQg https://youtu.be/qEaHjPF47_E https://youtu.be/0NM5q22j5VI https://rumble.com/vvfpge-flat-earth-summary-edition-february-20th-2022.html https://rumble.com/vgjui7-flat-earth-theory-part-1-may-3rd-2021.html https://rumble.com/vgplsh-flat-earth-theory-part-2-may-7th-2021.html https://rumble.com/vgy0d7-flat-earth-theory-part-3-may-11th-2021.html https://rumble.com/vi036z-flat-earth-theory-part-4-may-24th-2021.html https://rumble.com/vi17k1-flat-earth-theory-part-5-june-3rd-2021.html As a follow up… Continue reading Flat Earth theory