How the narrative is controlled

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.

Here is another educational article on the war for control of the narrative.


Why is the second amendment so threatened?


1. What makes this nation impossible to invade outside-in? *The number of privately owned firearms in America.

2. What does that make all private firearms owners in America? *One of its greatest strengths, assets and deterrents to hostile foreign nations in regard to national defense.

3. What does that mean for private firearms owners? It means they are individually and collectively tactical targets to any invading country.

4. How would you expect the Chinese to fight? *By winning the fight before it’s fought; by taking the path of least resistance, and attacking from the shadows.

5. How would the Chinese invade? *Inside-out vis-a-vis infiltration on a long timeline resulting in actual or de facto ownership and control of American institutions, departments and agencies.

6. What does all of that mean? *It means the attack is coming from inside our own government, which is beholden to China [proxy Biden], and is seeking to disarm private firearms owners and abolish the Second Amendment.

Now, this:

HEADLINE: Law Professor Jonathan Turley Criticizes FBI Director and Dirty Cop Chris Wray for Labeling Jan 6 “Domestic Terrorism”

Pay very close and particular attention to the use of the term “domestic terrorism/terrorist” as it’s being used relative to 06 Jan 21. This is a direct overlay with the use of the same pertaining to the disarming movement and attack on the Second Amendment – all coming from China and its owned U.N.

I explain those details as resting on old work in this recent article:



False Flags!!!

It’s time to delve into what a false flag is, how to identify them and information on what seems to be a drastic increase in these events!

It may be that there are more false flag events occurring or maybe it is that discerning people are not believing whdd as t the media is telling them! Here is a link to a start on that discussion!

More information coming out!

What have you noticed strange about the Uvalde shooting? Door propped open? Standby order? False flags can still be fatal. The evil forces behind them have no respect for human life. But they can also be a total charade. Watch carefully the details and use your discernment!

So the cop drove right by him outside after he shot at the school? Sone missed cues here it seems.

BREAKING 🚨 Uvalde Police Department no longer cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s investigation into the massacre at Robb Elementary School – ABC

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Jan 6 and voter fraud!

Do you know there are still political prisoners in solitary confinement with no trial for January 6th? Here is a site with real video about what really took place January 6th.

This documentary is a must watch!

Once you watch 2000 Mules above you should watch this next video!

Also here is a deep dive by Patel Patriot taking a deep dive into 2000 mules. I have a link to all of his work on the devolution article. All facts he digs up!.

Presentation. In Arizona by True the Vote