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The Bible references to earth

Extra Scripture References

1. The Universe is not spoken of as an infinite cosmos ONE time. It is mentioned over 40 times that the universe is the earth with a firmament bounded by heavenly space:

Ps.76:19; Matt.24:14, Acts 11:28, Ps.9:9; 23:1, 32:8, 48:2, 97:7; Isa.14:17, 21; 18:3, 23:17, 24:4, 26:18, 27:6, 34:1; Lamentations 4:12; Nahum.1:5; Luk.4:5, 21:26; Acts.19:27; Rom.10:18; Heb.2:5; Rev.3:10, 16:14

2. The fact that the earth is a ball is not mentioned ONE time in the Bible. And that the earth is round but flat, directly or indirectly, more than 20 times:

Isaiah 40:22, Job 38:14; Proverbs 8:27,31; Isaiah 44:24; Luke 4:5; Matt. 4:8, 24:29-31; Luke 17:24; Job 38:5,18; Job 28:24; Dan. 4:7,8; Isa. 66:1; Ps.32:13,14; 64:9; 2:8; Rev.7:1; Am.9:6; Jer.25:33; Is.11:12; Ezek.7:2; Rev.20:7,8; Acts.17:26,27; Gen.2:6; Gen.11:4,

3 The fact that the earth has edges and ends, indicating a flat surface, is mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible:

Acts 1:8, Acts 13:47, Deut.13:7, Deut.28:49, Deut.28:64, Is.40:28; Job.37:3, Job.38:13, Ps.45:10, Ps.134:7, Isa.5:26, Isa.24:16, Isa.45:22; Isa.41:9; Jer.10:13, Jer.12:12, Jer.16:19, Jer.25:32, Jer.31:8, Jer.50:41, Jer.51:16, Ezek.7:2, Dan.4:8, Dan.4:19, Mic.5:4, Mark.13:27, Matt.24:31, Luke.17:24, Ps.21:28; Job.28:24.4.

4. that the earth rotates is not written ONE time in the Bible. But that it is stationary is more than 20 times:

Ps.118:90; 1 Chronicles 16:30; Ps.95:10; Ps.92:1; Ps.103:5; Ps.135:6; Ps.23:2; Isa.45:18; Jer.33:2, Jer.10:12; Jer.51:15. Ps.77:69; Heb.12:26.

And what happens if the earth begins to move:

Matt.24:29; Ps.59:4; Ps.74:4; Nahum.1:5; Matt.27:51; Am.8:8; Joel.2:10; Rev.6:14; Hab.3:6,10; Jer.4:24; Jud.5:4; Ps.76:19; Mark.13:25.

5. That the earth revolves around the sun is not written once. But that the sun moves over the earth is written more than 10 times:

Josh. 10:13; Isa. 38:8; Ps. 18:5-7; Eccl. 1:5; Hab. 3:11; Ps. 103:19; Gen. 1:14-18; James 1:11; Jud. 19:14; 2 Sam. 2:24. And the reference to the movement of the sun (the sun rises and sets) is found over 60 times in the Bible

6. About the dome over the earth:

Gen. 1:6-8; Job. 37:18; Ps.103:2; Ezek. 1:25,26; Amos.9:6; Gen.7:11,12; Gen.8:2,3; Gen.11:4; Ps.148:4; Ps.76:19; Job.22:14; Proverbs.8:27; Is.40:22; Dan.4:7.

About the edge of heaven:

Deut.4:32, Deut.30:4, Is.13:5, Mark.13:27, Luke.17:24.7.

About the water behind the dome:

Gen.1:6,7; Ps.148:4; Dan.3:60; Ps.135:6; Gen.7:11,12,19; 2 Pet.3:5.8

7. About the foundation of the earth:

Job. 38:4-6; Proverbs 8:29; 1 Samuel 2:8; 2 Samuel 22:8; 2 Samuel 22:16; Psalm 17:16; Psalm 81:5; 2 Samuel 22:8; Is.24:18; Is.40:21; Jer.31:37; Mic.1:6; Luke 6:49.9.

8. The fact that the moon reflects sunlight is not mentioned once in the Bible. But that the moon shines by its own light is said 9 times in Scripture, 2 of which are words of Jesus Christ Himself: Matt.24:29; Mark.13:24; Isa.13:10; Isa.24:23; Ezek.32:7; Joel.2:10, Joel.3:15, Joel.2:31; Rev.6:12.10.

9. That the stars are not far away and will fall to earth before Christ comes:

Mark.13:24-26, Rev.6:12-17, Dan.12:3, Isa.13:9,10, Hab.1:4, Eze.32:7,8, Joel.2:10,30,31, Acts 2:19,20, Am.5:20, Am.8:9, Isa.24:23, Jer.4:23-28, Luke.21:25,26.

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