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Pelosi’s husband attacked?

JUST IN - House Speaker Pelosi's husband "violently assaulted" in their San Francisco home. Paul Pelosi was taken to hospital. @disclosetv Don’t be fooled! How does someone with private security inside a gated community get attacked with a hammer???? You will see much more if these unfortunate events!

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Fake SOTU and other smoke and mirrors!

April Fool or ?                                                     April 2022                                                      By Debbie Johnson  Did anyone watch the State of the Union(SOTU) address?  I did because of the very strange happenings in Washington DC in the days leading up to the event.  I follow the filming of Kelly Brady(Nancy Drew on telegram) and Richard Citizen Journalist on telegram to know… Continue reading Fake SOTU and other smoke and mirrors!

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Conspiracy Theory?

When is a conspiracy theory no longer a theory?                        January 2022                           By Debbie Johnson  I spend a significant amount of time trying to dig out truth in our world.  It’s been overwhelming at times.   I started in the summer of 2020 to be more aware that not everything is as it appears.   I have only… Continue reading Conspiracy Theory?

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Hope Still!!!

HOPE   By Debbie Johnson  December 2021 This is the twelfth installation of this column!  It seems like I just started writing yesterday!    I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about the evils in the country and the world and how it has come to be but for this article I wanted to write about… Continue reading Hope Still!!!

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VOTE!!!! In Person and day of Election!

Voting Season, what is at stake?                                                         By Debra Marie Johnson October 2021 (Note Virginia went red in this election!)  Since November 2 is the official and last vote in-person day, and both in-person and absentee voting has been in progress since September, it's time to take a conservative look at what is in store for… Continue reading VOTE!!!! In Person and day of Election!

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Learn more about Q

I have been following stormypatriotjoe on telegram for qtr a while. I look forward to a series of shows he is starting thst plan to go through the Q pists in Real time. Here is their premiere show and more information. https://rumble.com/v1pwgdn-eye-of-the-storm-ep-1.html

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A very good series!!!

If you guys haven’t listened to the new file do!!! SGAnon videos File #1 https://rumble.com/v1id4dh-a-look-at-the-structure-of-the-32-nation-q-alliance-that-is-on-a-mission-to.html File #2 https://rumble.com/v1hmjy3-mainstream-media-still-has-a-role-to-play-nesara-gesara-is-very-real-and-be.html File #3 https://rumble.com/v1hufz7-why-president-trump-is-the-first-arrest-what-does-q-tell-us-trust-the-plan.html File #4 https://rumble.com/v1i1hxp-the-five-eyes-are-in-panic-fbi-reformation-worldwide-operational-coordinati.html File #5 https://rumble.com/v1ianbt-operation-warp-speed-why-president-trump-does-not-publicly-denounce-the-vac.html File #6 https://rumble.com/v1itpjn-the-truth-of-911-and-chinas-takeover-of-taiwan-restoring-the-2020-election-.html File #7 https://rumble.com/v1j2saf-major-false-flag-event-is-coming-separate-theaters-of-war-are-converging-tu.html File #8 https://rumble.com/v1jj2vd-the-queen-is-dead-boom-week-in-full-swing-darkness-to-light.html File #9 https://rumble.com/v1jtjhr-the-true-history-of-the-titanic-the-false-flag-and-satanic-sacrifice-that-s.html File #10 https://rumble.com/v1k940x-national-guard-coordinating-with-countylocal-law-enforcement-justice-is-com.html File #11 https://rumble.com/v1k940x-national-guard-coordinating-with-countylocal-law-enforcement-justice-is-com.html File #12 https://rumble.com/v1kzdz1-hussein-obamas-treason-world-war-coming-new-alliances-future-is-silver-and-.html File #13 https://rumble.com/v1lxhti-cabal-system-economic-collapse-in-progress-xi-and-putin-red-october-next-mo.html File #14 https://rumble.com/v1mfbhq-us-military-commanders-planning-national-eas-45-comms-on-red-october-strap-.html File… Continue reading A very good series!!!