06 Daily Thoughts/opinions · 07 Great Awakening

The tide is turning!

Current events are combining to lead the world to a great awakening of the evil that has been operating in the shadows.

I strongly suggest you get onto telegram and follow Phil Godlewsky. He does live videos regularly. I am going to post links to the last two here. And will add more.

I strongly encourage you to get past what ever you decide you don’t like about this person and listen to his message. Note the FACTS he is presenting.


Note the double i at the end. Here are rumble links to his last two videos.

There is music at the start just be aware of that. In The first video the key parts start at about one hour in. The first part he is just trying to get across to people that they need to understand the nature of this evil. To understand the importance of silencing opposition.



More info to come.



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