Great Awakening

The corrupt health care industry

As with much of the corrupt government the health care system is a huge money making endeavor. Now they are backpedalling fast!

What is in the shots?

Cdc changed guidelines after gay couple infects their dog!!!

They did it! Robert F Kennedy, Jr. and Del BigTree did it!! They finally proved the long held that

“VACCINES don’t cause autism” is completely false. And they forced the CDC to remove their statement saying it!


The CDC can no longer claim that VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!

Because they can… and they do.

In 1980 autism was 1 in 10,000

1986: Then vax industry lost liability and the massive increase in unsafe childhood immunizations began

1990’s: autism 1 in 500

And multi-vial concoctions paired with Tylenol and the ever increasing doses…including neurotoxic aluminum continued…

2018: 1 in 36 children with autism.

2021: American children will get 72 doses of vaccines and there are over 250 in the pipeline.

By 2030: at this increasing rate, autism is projected to be 1 in 2 children.

That is the end of a nation.

Are you awake yet?

The greatest lie that has ever been told has finally been exposed.

What are you going to do with this information?

“A vial of “blood clots” from post-jab post-mortem adults. Turns out they aren’t BLOOD clots at all, they are complex “biostructures” that are growing & building inside the blood vessels & arteries. Far larger structures are being found in femoral arteries & carotid arteries.”

Blackrock and Pfizer and CDC

This was proposed secretly by the Biden administration!

Connection to the occult

Mad Scientist Anthony Fauci Resume

• Created the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

• Created Covid.

• Created multiple Influenza strains.

• Has pushed an experimental, and dangerous vaccine on society – including children.

• Has pushed masks and segregation on society – including children.

• His recommendation of Remdesivir/Ventilator has murdered thousands of Covid patients.

• It is now known he oversaw countless unneeded, and quite frankly – sadistic experiments on dogs and other animals. • Has purposely withheld effective, safe, and proven treatments against Covid.

• Conducted experiments on HIV Positive Foster Children in NY.

Anthony Fauci is the second coming of Joseph Mengele. This man is probably the most prolific serial killer in history.. Future Proves Past.

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