07 Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

This page will collect examples of the cabal at work in our lives!

The system of birth certificates is just a way for the cabal to track their stock. Look at your birth certificate. It has a serial number just like every dollar bill in this country. Watch this video to see what they are doing! This is why they want to kill off old people. Remember Obama care’s duty to die????

The birth certificate scheme


A great list of the false narrative that is being fed to the people !





If you are not on telegram you need to be ! Much of the news I can only post telegram links. News links will follow and recommendations gif news sources!

Start with stormy. If you have not watched the trump world tour video you need to now! Link is below.


Trump world tour!!!


More from stormypatriotjoe! This is a spiritual battle!


Whistle blower documents showing the FBI targeting parents.



C-vine is posting info from the researchers of 2000 mules. The next phase of their discoveries is even more damn good than the mules! There were multiple layers of corruption in the 2020 election!



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