06 Daily Thoughts/opinions

Daily Thoughts and Opinions

Here I will post as often as possible my thoughts on what I see going on from news and research. I’ll date each entry with newest one first!


Lies!!!! As I add daily to this web site I see more and more and more lies!!! All the lies will be revealed. They already are revealed it’s just people refuse to open their eyes. Start with the huge lie of 9/11. Our government looked away too allow isreal a means to infiltrate via mossad. That’s right Israel!!! thousands of innocent Americans slaughtered. And NO planes!!!! Watch the 9/11 videos on this site! But that’s just a starting point. From there go back to the jfk assassination and even as far back as the titanic! It’s all on this blog.

From there go forward to Las Vegas and Sandy hook the real poisoning of our water and skies. Climate change hoax. Even Biden is fake! Fake state of the union fake mass shootings fake war in Ukraine. All lies! They even lie about our real history and the shape of the earth!!! They lie about space and moon landings. Nice you are awake you see that you have been lied to about everything!


Copied but pertinent!

Civilization are holding back humanity from progress, truth, liberty and happiness. Almost without exception, every Western institution — government, media, entertainment, sports, education, finance, tech, science, medicine and more — has been overtaken by anti-human, luciferian forces that push policies rooted in pure evil:

Child grooming, pedophilia and transgenderism maiming

Satanism and luciferian indoctrination


Anti-human depopulation

Mass censorship and the suppression of human knowledge and truth (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

Mass poisoning of humanity through toxic food, toxic medicine and toxic fake news

Mass obedience and authoritarian control over individuals’ actions

Mass surveillance / total invasion of privacy and the right to be left alone

The dismantling of food resources (hunger / starvation / scarcity) that keep human civilization fed

The dismantling of energy resources that keep human economies functioning

Engineered bioweapons labeled “vaccines” that are designed to achieve global genocide

Attacks on family values, White men, straight couples, reason, rationality and normalcy

Attacks on the biosphere / geoengineering

The White House is now hiring straight-up satanist homosexuals like Demetre Daskalakis, whose photos are featured below. He wears leather S&M bondage gear in the shape of the satanic pentagram star, and he has tattoos depicting luciferian themes. He is depicted in photos implying he has sex with other homosexuals who self-identify as animals. The White House obviously knew all this before they hired him which means they want you to know you are being ruled by luciferian homosexuals

Join @WhiteHatsQ

08/13/2022. So the warrant for the search was released and a brief inventory of what the fbi stole listed. No video released. Hard to tell what the truth is except it’s definitely a witch hunt.

More dripping out about extreme pedophilia and thinking has moved from Obama as first arrest to John Podesta. Either would satisfy me! How long will they keep fake buyden on vacation?


What a week! Buyden is nothing more than cgi at this point and the world was awakened by a truly evil tirade at independence hall in Philadelphia calling trump supporters terrorists. Trump has a rally in Wilkes barre later where he flat out cslls buyden an enemy of the state. He also has msm calling out his connections to Q!

Trump also commented on China and Taiwan and today China is invading Taiwan air space. He also talked about meeting Zuckerberg in the White House last week!!! We are very close to sone really historic events happening!


I haven’t posted here for a while but it’s the end of August! The tempo has changed drastically in the last few weeks. Most updates are on my news link.

Trump is reTruthing Q posts and quoting Q posts in a fire hose of posts on Truth Social. In addition he is calling for an immediate new election or reinstatement to office! Will there be a SCOTUS decision on the 2020 election soon???

Whistle blowers I. The FBI and other top law enforcement are coming forward by the dozens!!! Finally these cowards are seeing it’s time to leave a sinking ship.

The next 90 days is looking to be historical and a tribute to truth and justice! Devolution is playing out before our eyes and the cabal is crumbling.

08/16/2022. Let’s look at a bit of the big picture!


>many are hinting at the TRUMP Card getting ready to be played.

Kash Patel hitting so many interviews ( Q linked channels and podcasters)///

Recently Patel on FOX interview admits to giving ELON MUSK 25 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to create Rockets for DOD

(this alone should tell you MUSK is a White Hat….. And back channels are important!)

____In the know>>STARLINK SATELLITES ARE PARTICLE WEAPONS>>>the weapons track every NUCLEAR silos on earth and destroy every launched NUCLEAR rocket in 2 second and vaporize them.

It’s been long reported by PATRIOTS/ANONS/ FREEDOM VOICES that MUSK, STARLINK is MILITARY OPERATION and connected behind the scenes to SPACE FORCE The guardians U.S. INTELLIGENCE agency number#18

What’s important to know is..

The U.S. MILITARY has far exceeded Future technology into the future of Weapons, healing technology, ….<<<<<Travel<<<<


Everything connects back to TESLA,. &. Donald Trump’s genius uncle >John G.Trump<

_He was a recipient of the National Medal of Science and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.[3][4][5] Trump was noted for developing rotational radiation therapy.[3] Together with Robert J. Van de Graaff, he developed one of the first million-volt X-ray generators and later Created the radar system.

( These accomplishments were published.. . By the controlled MEDIA…. Behind the scenes John TRUMP was a student of Tesla and lived near him in the same neighborhood…. They are both connected to military OPERATIONS/ time travel ops…

The Philadelphia Experiment and to this day their works and creation of time Travel projects and machines are HIDDEN in Full operations in the CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS AND UNDER LAKE GENEVA//)

>Side note;

_before Q popped up in 2017…

There was a man in the early 2000s who randomly popped up in time lines and placed/ applied for Patents (#)

_1: Internet Cellular Phone Prepaid Service

_2: Walking Through Walls Training System

_ 3: Electric Dipole Spacecraft

_4: Internet Accessible Mail Box System

_5: Full Body Teleportation System

_6: Remote Viewing Amplifier

_7: Electric Dipole Moment Propulsion System

_8: Permanent Magnet Propulsion System

_9: Triangular Spacecraft

_ 10: Photon Spacecraft

_11: Water Energy Generato.

This mans babe was John Quincy St. Clair, of the Hyperspace Research Institute and is perhaps the 21st Century’s most important inventor … Later on he simply became known as >> John Q


What does Trump know?

What did Tesla know?

What does Elon know?

What is HIDDEN?

What is Spirit? How does the mind actually work?

What is GOD?

Why does God and Spirit have connections to non linear time lines?….









PATEL is giving you hints…

Everything will be corrected////

More Info 👇


The first part of the Q prediction has come true- they are unsealing the search warrant and inventory of seized items for the raid on Mir A Lago. Garland lies that the lawyers were provided with this information but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Next is an Arrest – who will that be? My thought is Obama. Obama has truckloads of papers that he refuses to return! Meanwhile Buyden and Hunter have jetted off to vacation (although I do not believe that is where they went). It’s hard to believe any of this!

In the meantime what is on my mind is a reminder that I started my write in campaign for school board exactly one year ago. It was right after a school board meeting on transgender policy and masks. The school board upheld both unanimously despite anything people spoke about. They fiddled on their laptops and ignored the speakers. They had no discussion just put their microphones down, mumbled a bit and then voted in the abuse of children. This was a crime against humanity!

The transgender indoctrination of children is a combination of abuse and grooming. It gains power because the ultra “religious” make judgement across the board – I am focussing on what they are doing to children and hiding it from adults. I wrote several articles on this which will be posted under crimes against humanity. There is a concerted goal of indoctrinating children (far more girls than boys) to create confusion in their minds and then provide the transgender option as a solution to that confusion. It’s an evil recruitment process. Children are rewarded for transgender thinking and rejected socially for not going along. Government supports the entire process by demanding teachers go along with the charade of genders, hiding this from parents, creating special bathrooms and putting boys in girls sports and bathrooms, etc. These are not decisions that children can manage! Many regret this irreversible damage to their bodies and minds. It’s horrendous. How did society allow itself to perpetrate this evil on CHILDREN???? The way it succeeds is to try to ridicule people as evil for calling this out. Personally if adults want to do this to their bodies that is not up to me to judge but NOT to make it fashionable for children!

I lost my quest for a seat on the school board but I heard many stories of what children are exposed to and how they are treated if they don’t conform. It’s very disturbing. But my opponent was powerful in the small community. What will happen when they finally see what evil they supported in their community without speaking out against it? It’s sad.


Trump testifies in the bogus case against his company in New York. Right after the FBI just entered 15 boxes of evidence in their raid. Evidence that now can be brought forward. Evidence of what? I expect Trump to get arrested soon and will cheer that day!

Also: a data point to keep in mind. Monkey Werx gives a review of air traffic every Monday Wed and Friday. Today he noted a Phoenix air took off from DC headed to GITMO. BUYDEN is supposedly headed from DC to Charleston SC at that same time – but no Appearances noted – he just lands there at 2:25 according to his calendar. Nancy Drew on telegram who films DC almost daily notes that BUYDEN did not take Marine 1 to Andrews, but rather a motor cade. Have no idea what all these data points mean but seem a bit odd!


From Liz Crokin- verified!

In Trump’s statement tonight about the FBI raid on his home, he references Watergate. Former NYPD Det. James Rothstein has said the Watergate break-in was based on pedophile records held at DNC headquarters and the blackmail material was owned by G. Gordon Liddy. Liddy’s son was arrested for possession of child porn in 2017. Rothstein has also said the government is infiltrated by Satanic activity. Trump talked about a Satanic ritual at his rally the other day. That was the first time Trump has referenced a Satanic ritual. Coincidence?

08/08/2022 Well this is quite a day. The corrupt FBI just raided Miralago!!! Even broke into the safe.

If you follow the clues And Q’s you should not be too surprised.

In summary:

Well…. From stormy patriot Joe on telegram

Can’t say I haven’t prepped those have followed along.

FBI Raid on DJT

Follow along here please

“First Arrest” (Q wrote it back to back posts. But somehow both were at the :45 second mark. DJT = 45)

Q told us to “Trust Wray”

Who leads the FBI?

Q told us

“How do you get evidence entered legally”

(FBI raid gets the info on the record)

Q asks “Who has all the information?”

DJT does

I’ve been saying it since Q posted it

So absolutely nothing happening now is a surprise to me.

I am 100% calm.

Trust The Plan

The first arrest will shock the world. Now go to the devolution link here to learn what is next!

This is an insurrection against a sitting president in exile. It also opens up the documents of all presidents! It had to be this way

Do not be surprised when the emergency broadcast system activated. When schools are delayed and the November midterms cancelled!

08/08/2022 Fake Biden is on the move again. Why do they continue this charade?


This is a possible theory:

General Flynn warns that the “Washington, DC Cabal” might try to cancel the November elections, which he says is “probably the most consequential election in our nation’s history.” 👀

Are the white hats thinking of letting the cabal do this and then claim devolution with new elections for any position going back to 2020? They seem obsessed with not being blamed for what needs to take place. what do you think?

08/06/2022 Trump gave a rally speech in Wisconsin last night. Of note is he mentioned 38 multiple times. 4 Carriers and their fleets are now near China and Taiwan. Q post 38 is as follows:


A coincidence? Trump also referred to MS13 as Satanic for the first time. He always has talked about how evil they are but for the first time is talking about Satanic behavior, an escalation in rhetoric!

08/06/2022 Biden tests negative after 7 days with “rebound Covid”. My firm belief is that this Biden is not the real Biden and now there is even more CGI magic to show another fake Biden in the last 7 days! What is going on? I believe that they are working on a way to exit all Biden’s out the door. How and when I have no idea but I do firmly believe what we see is not real in any way.

The scare tactics are ramping up in utterly ridiculous ways. CDC recommends masterbation 6 feet apart to protect yourself???? I had to double check that it was really something they did it’s so stupid. Under the Health tab I will be posting historical fraud perpetrated by Fauci regarding HIV with similar themes. It seems these corrupt individuals are having trouble coming up with believable scare tactics and repeating old scenarios. The best defense is discernment and non compliance! What is coming from government can not be trusted, especially the CDC which is not even a government entity! (My opinion – you draw your own conclusions!)

So as of 08/06/2022 I think we are very close to Biden exiting the White House in some fashion, the disclosure that the supreme court in their Shadow Docket has already reversed the 2020 election and the mass arrests of bad actors with tribunals for treason. The information on Devolution can help provide

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