Getting Started/Introduction to Digs

There will come a point where many people will need to understand what is happening in our world as great changes are beginning. After waking up to the evils at play, I have researched full time for two years now. As I learn more this site can serve as a repository for others starting this journey. You can access all of the site from the links on this post. I hope to post news of events daily as updates to the news post and write my thoughts daily on a separate post to just remind myself what I think all of this means! Keep an open and inquiring mind as you travel through these pages as much of what will be shown is shocking to the senses!

There are three resources that will help you get started in understanding what is happening and about to happen. First is a documentary done in 2019 called The Fall of the Cabal This is a 10 part documentary and it is what started me on my journey of discovery – mainly trying to prove to myself that this was all made up! I have failed!

Janet Osebaard continues to publish sequels to this first documentary to provide some historical perspective. I will post them under the historical tab.

After watching the Fall of the Cabal another great introduction is the Plan to Save the World:

Lastly here is a link to a piece called the Trump world tour. This provides context for many of the other posts on this site. It summarizes a world tour that Trump did shortly after he took office and provides insight into the story behind the happenings in recent times.


Here is another version of the world tour! it’s worth watching twice! What was in the soccer ball???

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