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Be prepared!

There are going to be huge scary events happening soon. It’s time to consider the crazy people talking about this might just be right.

We were dead right with Covid and the vaccine. We are dead right that the Biden posing as president is a n actor. We know that DC is virtually vacant because we watch real time videos of what is going on. We constantly consider if we are jumping to conclusions but then go back to what we see and what is happening.

The number one goal of these evil people is to reduce the population by as much as 95% and to control whatever is left. It was first on the Georgia guidestones that were destroyed. It was a goal repeated often by Bill Gates.

We are not 100% sure at this point who is evil and who is fighting against evil but gif sure Hollywood and Disney and Gates and George soros as well as NATO are evil. The water is muddied in China between the Chinese communist party and the peoples republic of China. The two most corrupt places for drugs and human trafficking and evil bio labs is Ukraine and Taiwan. Do the research!!!

Be prepared with food and water for at least 10. days. it’s about to break open!

I will try to post more thoughts now tgst we are close as tine allows. Mostly I am searching for information!

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