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Follow the Money

Follow The Money                                     By Debra Marie Johnson          Sept, 2021

Bribes and kick backs have been going on for a very long time.  I first saw this play out in Denver Colorado in the late 1980’s and 1990’s.   You don’t hear much about Neil Bush – the younger Bush brother who was part of the devastating Savings and Loan scandals that made it almost impossible to buy a house in those times in Denver.  The oil and gas industry of that era also crashed and Denver’s suburbs became a wasteland of foreclosures.  I started to suspect what was really going on in the world at that point.   Then Denver built a new airport it was supposed to have cost 3 billion dollars, but ended up costing about 6 billion dollars Mayor Frederico Pena then became Secretary of Transportation.  The newly elected governor in 1999 in Colorado declared that the previous Y2K testing of state systems was not reliable so paid his friend (no bids) to retest all of Y2K with a $6 million contract.    But how does this relate to Critical Race Theory and Floyd county?   Read on!

Many of us have witnessed throughout our lives how it seems the harder we work the farther behind we get financially.  Just as you get settled in a place with a job the company moves or the jobs are outsourced.   Families scattered to find employment.  Owning a house becomes a burden. The days of working an entire career without moving multiple times is almost gone.

After digging into this topic a you can actually find layers of money and power changing hands starting at the top with the World Economic Forum lead by Klaus Schwab and the ultra rich such as George Soros to secondary players such as Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg.   In yet another layer are corporations and politicians.   One example of this is Monsanto, where lobbyists for Monsanto become elected to congress who pass laws protecting Monsanto and retire to positions on the board of Monsanto!   Follow the money.  This happens repeatedly in government.  It spreads to the state and even local levels with the massive funding provided to political campaigns such as what Michael Bloomberg invested in turning Virginia blue.   Many state legislators and attorney generals receiving huge funds from organizations funded largely by Bloomberg to swing elections.   If you go to the Black Lives Matter web site and click on donate you will see that it goes directly to ActBlue!  Now do you see why democrat areas paint big BLM signs on the streets and fly BLM flags?  Follow the money. Most of these powerful people have some kind of ax to grind against the working class.  It is no secret that Bill Gates thinks the world is overpopulated and seeks out ways to fund massive abortion and sterilization clinics across the world as “women’s health” initiatives.   He is also buying up huge swaths of farm land in the US to control the food supply.   George Soros just seems to hate humanity in general, how ironic for a Jew who escaped the Nazi death camps only to punish the world with his anger by funding the likes of ANTIFA and many other chaotic initiatives like the migrant caravans in 2019.   Who bussed, fed, cared for all those migrants trekking thousands of miles across Mexico?   Watch the videos, these “migrants” have cell phones and clean clothes and plenty of food.  The children have toys and Disney shirts.   How is that?  How is it that ANTIFA can appear where ever they are “needed”, traveling by air and staying in hotels? 

But there is also a layer of dark money.  It is purported to fund the dark activities of some three letter agencies of the US government– time will tell on this account.   What ever happened to the disclosure that the Department of Defense could not account for over a trillion dollars that surfaced in the early 2000’s?  Have these agencies ever been audited?  How could the US fight a war on drugs for decades and never make any progress?  Why is the United States the largest customer of child pornography in the world?  You might also investigate on your own Haiti, Afghanistan, the Clinton Foundation, Black Lives Matter and the Gates Foundation along with big Pharma!

Money laundering is another way to understand the transfer of large sums of cash among the powerful.  This can be accomplished at several levels.  One of which is “foreign aid”.  Billions of dollars hidden deep within trillion dollar spending deals that send more money to foreign countries than actually benefit the citizens of the US.   The Paris Climate Accord is another money laundering scheme.  The US is “fined” the most for harming the climate but where does the money go?  How has it improved the climate?  Another is the 150 plus billion Iran nuclear deal.  That included two billion in CASH!  What was the cash for and where did it go? 

The methods go much farther!  Hunter Biden is a classic example but definitely not the only recipient.  Lucrative board positions in corrupt countries with no prior experience, millions in “book deals” and art sales for a novice artist in the hundreds of thousands of dollars where the exact prices and purchasers are kept secret for “security” reasons.   His father also had a half million dollar guest speaking engagement at the University of Pennsylvania,  which also got a huge donation from China.  You don’t have to look far to see huge sums of money changing hands for little obvious value, but what was the hidden value?

Let’s bring this back to Floyd and why it’s so hard to find an affordable place to rent.  From social media posts the fault has been laid at the feet of greedy conservatives not willing to rent out their “spare” properties or demanding what is considered too high a price for the space.   To track this down one must go to the large suburbs and look at the investments of the Blackstone Group and Vanguard.  These companies are buying up suburban and urban properties – often bidding more than the asking price and then renting them for high rates.  These are people uprooted by the transient job market but finding the housing in the new location is too expensive to purchase so they rent or they move out to the “country”.  But who is buying up those properties in the country to rent?  I leave that for you to investigate!  Who stands to win from building large apartment complexes of “affordable” housing?  Follow the money.  Check out https://www.financialsamurai.com/institutional-real-estate-investors/ .

The pandemic last year served to take many off of the treadmill of trying to keep up and look around at what is really happening.  How maybe the blame should be placed a bit higher into the echelons of organizations rather than blaming it on other citizens.  It’s part of the Marxist plan to divide people against each other and also for you to own nothing and be happy about it!  It’s Marxist Critical Theory in action against the working class.  If “we the people” don’t get united and active soon it will be too late.  More on that in the next issue!

Hopefully this gets you to think a bit about the motivations of the powerful in the world, to find out who is behind the difficulties ordinary citizens face.  Blaming the opposite political organization is not quite accurate – there is plenty of corruption to go around!  A resource to perhaps assist you in finding out these connections is www.beachbroadcast.com  . This is a daily blog and video that has been happening for over a year.  It delves into many subjects but you can find articles on the flow of money among them.  The videos can sound a bit goofy but the documents in the blog contain a wealth of links to details and documentation.  Happy hunting!

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