06 Daily Thoughts/opinions · 07 Great Awakening

Some thoughts on today

👀👀👀ChipChat👉 I think all of you can easily detect the influx of False Flags being initiated by the DS, and of course they will continue in the near future. They are now desperate and panicking. This latest Pelosi escapade is simply to further divide and create doubt among the normies to increase the hatred towards Trump and his supporters/Q. But it’s not going to work this time. People are seeing right through it. The obvious objection is where was the Pelosi’s security and cameras? This follows on the heels of Mr. Pelosi’s DWI arrest a short time ago. That was a total facade. Continued lies will eventually reach a level where they will no longer be believed. That is where we are. The deception is coming to an end. The freeing of the Twitter Bird is one of the first steps toward our new found freedoms. Fly on! Chip

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