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Crimes against humanity

I reported, many months ago, that Paul Pelosi was arrested by the US Military, and that a military tribunal was to take place, for his very-involved role in a child sex-trafficking ring.

Pelosi is one of the worst of the worst.

His DUI is/was cover, and his recent “beating” is also cover.

Whatever this “break in, beating” is about, is certainly not about a break in or a beating.

It’s about something much, much worse.


Did the NY Post goof?

They typed into one of their videos that Paul Pelosi died.

This an accident? Or did they accidentally post this too early before they were supposed to?

Go see for yourself –


Wait until the end of the video that plays with this article to see the card that pops up saying Paul Pelosi died.

This reminds me of in 2019 when the media “accidentally” announced Ruth Bader Ginsberg died…

Holy Smokes! 😂

As if things could not get any weirder…

So not only was their a supposed gay nudist (left leaning) illegal alien in his underwear at Paul Pelosi’s residence…… There was also an “Unknown Person” who let the police inside?????? 👀👀👀

Sounds like a party.



🧢 @Redpillbabe


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