04 News · 12 Corruption of Government · 20 Crimes against Humanity

Crimes against humanity

❓Why does the US government have an Office of Population Affairs?

❓Why is it part of the Department of Homeland Security?

❓What do “population affairs” have to do with homeland security?

❓Why has OPA given nearly $265 million of your money to various organizations, including $17 million to Planned Parenthood — just in 2022?

❓If DHS has another office that fights child trafficking, why does it also help organizations traffic babies and their organs — organizations that already make hundreds of millions of dollars doing so?

❓If DHS stands for “homeland SECURITY,” is there anything “secure” about that?

Only for Planned Parenthood and other baby traffickers. Certainly not for the babies.

❓Is anyone else counting the days until this entire satanic child-sacrificing cabal is dismantled?


Office of Population Affairs


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