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War time presidency

The FAA placed a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) over Palm Beach, Florida 👉🏻 Mar-a-Lago from October 30 to May 31, 2023 ☠️


As also found in 49 United States Code Chapter 401 Section 40103


Time to understand we’re in a Military Occupancy 👉🏻 Law of War Manual pages 754-838 as President Trump and the MILITARY issued 3, THREE, National Emergencies that were NEVER addressed by Congress = Breach of National Security.

How did he know to issue a National Emergency in Executive Order 13848 signed September 12, 2018, which also included an Election Fraud Committee with very important dates on how they would report after the 2020 Presidential Election, LONG before Covid and the Election… HOW? How did they know if they didn’t 👉🏻already👈🏻 have intelligence and evidence longggg before 2020 ☠️

Those were NOT addressed by Congress and PDJT NEVER terminated those as written in Title 50 Chapter 34…

Therefore, with Powers of the President, via Article II of the CONSTITUTION of 1787, not The Federal Corporation of the District of Columbia’s constitution they don’t want you to know about, President Trump EXTENDED his powers as President the same as Franklin D. Roosevelt who served 13 years… same scenario, different kind of war…

by Federalizing no more than 1 MILLION of the National Guard to ACTIVE DUTY for no more than 365 👉🏻CONSECUTIVE👈🏻 days… as signed in 2020 in Executive Order 13912 and 10 US Code Chapter 1209…

First time in United States History all 50 States were Federalized and sent to one location… D.C. as the world watched 35,000 troops storm D.C. placing a FENCE around the Capitol aka Closing of Government Facilities found in 47 US Code 606 titled “War Powers of the President”…

It’s a Blueprint… but it’s like a puzzle. Unfortunately, many people want to open the 5,000 piece box and the puzzle be ALREADY put together… it don’t work like that. Life don’t work like that.

Everything I’ve shown you the people are LAWS and ORDERS placed from 2017 to 2021 that are STILL active and being enforced.

Learn your Foundation, the Constitution, and the real system of Government and Laws that WORK for us the people 🇺🇸

Derrick Johnson

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