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Learn to Dig!!!

I think I’ve posted enough to show that there is something very wrong in our works today that needs to be corrected. It how? By spreading awareness and once the course is righted to never let this happen again!!

Everything has been a lie! Our traditional sources of information are corrupt!

To that end I’m starting a new category and I’ll post daily on sources I have found reliable.

These are sources speaking to facts and not emotions. One day soon it will become important for people to analyze what they are told and seek out supporting facts. The Covid scam and subsequent killer vax is a classic example. All facts were readily available from day 1 if you dig1.

Look to citizen journalists. Today I want to introduce you to Badlands. This group is creating an entire network of journalists plus a substack packed with information. Tube in to a badlands rumble show or go to their substack. All free.

Here is a post from today as an example.


Put questions in The comments and I will help with finding resources. This isn’t about telling you what is what. It’s showing you a different perspective on what I firmly believe to be happening once I started digging.

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