The story of Russel J Gould and the captured American flag

History and background

Why do you see a gold fringe on the flag? This is a story that starts many years ago. I’ll be adding more information as I collect it!

Don’t be surprised if you need to watch these videos a few times to understand the scope of what this man did and how his work could soon come to light!

Interview with Russel j Gould

Maritime law modelhttps://rumble.com/vvnfy3-understanding-the-law-merchant-corporate-court-system..html

More on Russel J Goulde

Last flag standing web site

This was researched from a tweet by Mike Pompeo. The first time I have seen the Trump camp refer to anything regarding the illegal corporation! Posted on 2/21/2022.


Whoa you guys gotta check this out. H/T @dorkus_maximus

I’m not saying this proves anything or even means anything but this is interesting…

Mike Pompeo tweeted yesterday saying “Children are not creatures of the state”.

Go on Duck Duck Go and search “creatures of the state” and click on the Wikipedia link for “creatures of the STATUTE”

On the Wikipedia page, scroll to the bottom under see also and click on Quango. They talk about “Devolved power” of government. Clicking on “Devolved” brings you to the Wikipedia Devolution page.




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