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I am by far no expert! But if someone talks about a Q post I use the following links to look up the posts myself to see what they say. The Q-clock is a very complex topic that I am only starting to understand but you are welcome to explore these resources!

More resources https://q.army/

The most used resource I have is the qaltert link where I can search by number or key words.


The Q movement in three minutes

Often there will be hints given by Trump or his team to key words or numbers. For instance on 08/05/2022 at a rally in Wisconsin Trump repeated 38 several times. Post 38 refers to 4 carriers stationed near Taiwan. Just this week 4 carriers have been stationed near Taiwan! Many coincidences like this occur with the Q drops that started in late October of 2017.

How to Read the Q Clock – Truth Seekers (wordpress.com)

This can search drops by key word but not by date that I can see. :

Q (qanon.pub)

This next link allows you to enter any date – current past or future and lists the posts corresponding on the q clock.  It does not do mirrors or markers.:

Q Clock – QPRESS – qpress.org/q-clock/

This sight is a good link to lots of additional research such as deaths and resignations. 

QResear.ch – The 8chan/8kun QResearch Board Search

This following link has a wealth of information connecting to the clock including a vanilla picture of the clock and abbreviations interpreted.   Many links to explore on this page:


This is another link – actually from the link above that is a great way to explore the clock.  The display options at the top are very useful.  I use the q clock display and then display the drops on the main screen.  It is again by date.

Q, Tweets and GETTR at QAgg.News  quagg.news

The Q movement was designed for a very specfic intent: Communicate, inform, and wake up the grass roots citizens of the United States, and even those worldwide.

We knew the Main Stream Media was corrupt, and regardless of any good that was being done by Donald Trump or the Patriots, the media was not going to report it. Especially the really, really dark and grusome stuff (think Frazzledrip).

Q started making posts on a public forum (4chan), regarding the ongoing corruption taking place worldwide by the satantic group of individuals known as “The Cabal”. The “Fall of the Cabal” was produced and released, which tied most things that Q posted about together.

Q was a grass roots dissemination campaign, brought to us by some very powerful Patriots that were attempting to take down The Cabal.

Many people ask – “why would Patriots inform the everyday citizen about these type of confidential/classified operations?”. The answer is simple: The public needed to know, and this was the ONLY way.

A small group of die-hard Patriots put together the Q group. One individual was responsible for the initial setup, posting, technology, and dissemination. The group then grew to contain other high-clearance members, who would post as the mysterious “Q” at various times, and for various topics.

Think about something: This time last year, my personal following barely eclipsed 20,000 members. Over the last couple months, my personal following has exclipsed 4,000,000 members, subscribers, and viewers at certain times (topic dependent). This is the same exact path that Q had followed over the 4+ years of his Q drops, except with Q, he gathered tens of millions of followers worldwide.

So, why the secrecy? why the covert operations? why the need for Q in the first place? it’s a very simple answer: The media. Everything they have ever told you is a lie. -Everything-. We needed to circumvent the media, and be able to speak to the people directly.

It worked.


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