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What happened on 9/11 and why?



Just Released… GTMO has just canceled September 2022 KSM et al Pre-Trials.

Following is the FIRST of the daily videos I am releasing that will be going over exactly what certain factions are trying to get the public to forget.

These will be 911 “shorts” that will educate step step by step what has happened since 2001. Bear with me as I attempt to bring everyone up to speed.

It will culminate with one on one video interviews with individuals that will help everyone understand with PROOF for the public to understand what is behind 911.

We are bringing out what and how everything has happened that is a matter of public record.

But… all this is about to all go away without trial and investigation because of the 911 Plea Deal in the works as we speak.

If succesful, the 911 trials will be case closed, without critical questions answered.

This is why I have requested prayers, because as I move forward with these shorts…there will be those who come out publicly with provable science and statements.

Today is STEP ONE.


Video of the pentagon on 9/11

Controlled demolition

These are videos by Phil Godlewsky that are very much worth watching! You can skip the first ten to 15 minutes where he does intro and housekeeping stuff.



And here is how it’s ending up!

Did you know at this very moment, the 911 trials in GTMO are negotiating a PLEA Deal to repatriate the 5 terrorists back to their country to serve life in prison if they all plead guilty?

The case will be CLOSED leaving huge amounts of unanswered questions.

IMHO… THIS is what your attention is being diverted away from.


If this is the first you’ve heard about it… I explain what is happening here: https://youtu.be/uMQYMaLPeDs


They are closing the 9/11 museum??? Have more people discovered out corrupt government killed it’s own people???





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