17 Corruption in Ukraine

Understanding Ukraine

Beware of falling for propoganda!


A point made in the substack is that the Ukrainian govt. tried to stop the expansion of these labs in 2013. Interesting timing. In 2014 the color revolution and installation of the puppet govt. was set in motion By US Dept. of State… Coincidence?

Hmmmm, Ukrainian government didn’t want the biolabs, but couldn’t stop them…….

and Zelensky was “in over his head” with the Deep State’s power & corruption & he needed assistance? 🤔

So Zelensky & Ukraine needed help from someone…….wonder WHO they could possibly ask for help?

Would have to be someone who did not fear the Swamp or global Deep State…..

someone willing to go against the “corrupt establishment” & fight for “the people” 🤔

Wonder what rare group of individuals would have both the power, & the willingness, to take on the corrupt Globalists that have infiltrated & attempted a hostile takeover of countries WORLDWIDE? 🤔

BUT, since the leaders who are willing to help Ukraine/Zelensky are Nationalists & put the needs of their people & their country first, I’d imagine it would be in exchange for something fromUKRAINE?? 🤔

What could little ‘ol corrupt Ukraine possibly have to offer?🤷🏼‍♀️

I mean, it’s not like they have mountains of blackmail & damning evidence on the Biden Family, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama or Clinton just sitting around waiting to be useful?!? Right? 😏

Makes you wonder if ALL the trips & phone calls with Ukraine by Pompeo, Pence & Ron Johnson were very intentional & “for a reason”??

Wonder if Zelensky agreed to investigate & prosecute something or someone…..in exchange for help cleaning up biolabs & booting the Deep State from Ukraine? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Bc MSM & the LEFT sure have set up the Narrative perfectly that Zelensky puts his country & people first……..

so if ZELENSKY were to speak out against the Deep State globalists, I’d bet the entire WORLD, who has been WATCHING & crying & donating to Ukraine, would probably be quick to believe anything Zelensky told them.

But I totally forgot that Zelensky is a Deep State puppet….so none of that theory could possibly be accurate.

Never-mind! 😉

I’m so ready for this part to be revealed 🔥 @JustHuman_Kyle


Chernobyl and Ukraine

The following link contains several reports on how Ukraine bombed its own citizens even before Russia started its military operation! Open your eyes!!!

Another article popping up!


The truth hitting main stream 07/31/2022.


This was deleted from you tube. It can put over three years ago!






Tucker on bio labs in Ukraine







I always thought it was weird how Trump said ‘Chyyynnaa’

Could this be why? 🤔

Shpyl’chyna, Ukraine

Hutsulshchyna, Ukraine

Troieshchyna, Ukraine

There’s multiple cities that end with Chyna. Interesting.


There’s a TroieshCHYNA right in Kiev. 🤯

From Wikipedia:

The neighborhood is a large whole-planned bedroom district housing the population of at least 240,000 residents but also includes a small industrial area.

Wonder what’s in the ‘industrial’ area?!

TroeishCHYNA is LITTERED with BIO Labs. Keep digging anons.


Also CHYNA translated from Ukrainian to english means PRICE.

CHYNA has to pay the PRICE



Great dig by @anonfamouschat !!!!

Glenn Beck on Ukraine corruption.


Here is more history of the Rothschild family


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