11 Devolution


This is going to soon be an important topic to understand. Here is an introduction. You can skip the first 15 minutes to get to the topic. I’ll be adding more information here on this constitutional process.

Things that make you go hmmmm… “President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, just got back from a trip to Ukraine & Poland.

Why is the ‘former’ Secretary of Defense inserting himself into a war zone and meeting with senior leadership?

He said that he “had very frank discussions with some extremely high level Ukrainian military & intelligence officials, and political officials.”

☝️Dual Government evidence (the Trump Government in exile) is right in your face.

Miller has -zero- business in Ukraine as a private citizens. Hard stop.


Anyone denying COGS, Devolution, and the President in Exile theory? Seek psychiatric help.



https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution?s=r or http://www.devolution.link

https://trusttheq.com › the-wartime-presidency-part-ii-the-government-in-exile



Important information on the stolen election!


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