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Conspiracy Theory?

When is a conspiracy theory no longer a theory?                        January 2022                           By Debbie Johnson

 I spend a significant amount of time trying to dig out truth in our world.  It’s been overwhelming at times.   I started in the summer of 2020 to be more aware that not everything is as it appears.   I have only touched the surface in these columns.   I started to make some lists in December.   On one list are the “conspiracy theories” that I have either written about to this date or I have satisfied myself that they are not theories but fact.   I have two other lists – one is a list of theories that I halfway believe but need more proof.  The third list consists of theories that at this point I cannot get enough confirmation to convince myself or others but I will not discount entirely because of the long list of the first two categories!  For this article I want to share a bit of my first list.

Think back to two years ago and what you may have thought was true at that point and is no longer the case.   Some things on my first list are  COVID, Vaccines, Critical Theory, Transgender indoctrination, the sad condition of public education, HIV-AIDS, Thalidomide,  election fraud with mail in ballots, January 6, immigration, Governor Whitmer Kidnapping, the fake Russian hoax dossier.    So lets start with these topics!

I have written a bit about Covid and Vaccines in past columns.   The evil that Fauci et. al. has spread onto the world is beyond imagination.   People have been denied simple therapies, and instead sent home  until sick enough to be hospitalized.   Sick seniors where moved to nursing homes to spread the virus quickly through the most vulnerable.   It is now shown that both these strategies were not in the interest of keeping people safe, but an effort to increase death counts.  Also there was no distinction of dying from COVID or with COVID, if you could test positive at any point (and the tests have been proven unreliable) you are counted in the deaths.   Hospitals were never overrun, but definitely short staffed due to the firing of countless workers due to mandated vaccines.   The mandates for masks, then vaccines, then the rules change every day!   Even the origin of the virus was disguised.   Most recently we have the parade of ‘variants’ with symptoms all over the map.   Trying to spread the fear and for some it still is working.  

I have written about cognitive dissonance in the past where seeing something that conflicts with firmly held beliefs is very difficult for people to adjust to the new information.   This is truly what is happening in our world today.   Be prepared for more shocks as truth is exposed.

Another concept is mass formation psychosis  https://youtu.be/wZ7xKo5218c .  This is the bombardment of a group of people with fear and anxiety and then offering the “solution” to that stress in whatever form the ruling group wants.  They give examples of mass suicides in cults, or going into gas chambers in Nazi Germany, or maybe to take a vaccine?   As fear wains bring in a new variant and new regulations.   What is in the vaccine, and what is the endgame for this project?   I don’t listen to main stream media but in a recent drive to Pennsylvania I got a taste of the media frenzy about COVID and the latest variant and ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’.    People are lining up for inaccurate tests which feeds the “casedemic”.    Clinging onto the big lie for dear life.   As long as people comply this will go on.   The vaccine is harming children but they keep pushing, now for boosters as young as 12 years old.

Vaccines are the bread and butter of the pharmaceutical industry.  Children now receive at least 80 shots before they are out of elementary school.   Before 2003 each vaccine had trace amounts of mercury in each shot which is a safe level.  However they never added up all of the shots required for children. This is just too much of a connection to the increase in Autism, ADHD, allergies and other chronic disorders in children that was not prevalent 50 years ago.  Are all the vaccines now required really needed?   It seems the message is that Polio was effective so the rest must be needed.   That is on my second list for more research.

HIV -AIDS was rampant in the 1980’s and 1990’s and people in Africa, then homosexuals and drug addicts were afflicted with this blood born disease.   There is a book called Deadly Deception written by Robert E. Willner M.D. Ph.D.  It is the proof that sex and HIV absolutely do not cause AIDS.   If you query Robert Willner on youtube he gave a presentation in 1994 where he injected himself with HIV to prove his point.  He had done it several times before.   He explains in detail how it is the AZT that caused the AIDS and not the HIV virus.  Is that what is happening with what is now called VAIDS (Vaccine Aquired Immuno Deficiantcy Syndrome)?  https://youtu.be/iA-5XB2Bqds   Dr. Fauci was very proud of his work with HIV.   Magically you do not hear of this anymore but if you remember it was made plain you could not catch it unless you shared needles or had sex or traded blood some other way with someone who was HIV positive.

Thalidomide is perhaps one of the most insidious lies of the last century.   This was a drug given to women for morning sickness that caused their children to have deformed arms and legs.  If you query this on youtube you will find a video outlining how the governments across the globe deceived people and that the drug was developed by former NAZI doctors who never were prosecuted.   You may be alarmed to find that this drug is still made in the US today and sold for the treatment of some cancers.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc3nHrDEWs4

I have covered in past columns the deceit around Critical Theory, Transgender indoctrination, and the corruption of the 2020 election via mail in ballots.   The truth about January 6 will soon be exposed but the public is not allowed to see many of the videos available.   To convince yourself do a query of Ray Epps who was an apparent leader of a coordinated effort by the FBI to draw Trump supporters into the capitol.  The video shows them moving fencing and taking down no trespassing signs before guiding people from the White House through an opening using bull horns to push the crowd forward.  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/setup-fbi-admits-jan-6-deep-state-operation-one-first-inside-capitol-fbi-operative-video/ One of the items on my number 2 list is the shooting of Ashli Babbit.   Those details may come out soon.

The kidnapping of Governor Whitmer was another ploy by the FBI to entrap Trump supporters.  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/defense-lawyers-ask-judge-toss-whitmer-kidnap-case-claim-evidence-shows-defendants-no-interest-plot-fed-agents-informants-kept-pushing/  John Durham is exposing the truth behind the fake Steele Dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to set the stage to spy on the Trump campaign and tee up the first impeachment.   Some players have already been indicted in this process and surely more will follow.

If you watch the work of Monkey Werx on youtube you would have seen the tracking of hundreds of flights of immigrants all over the country plus even flying in plane loads of imigrants from Central America and Haiti.   A vast network of citizens with cameras have put eyes on this operation for most of this year.   These videos tracking the air traffic across the country using publicly available software is posted three days a week at least on his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUmvAVqbS-_5feqZPHA99Lw The sheer size and cost of this operation is hard to imagine.

It takes hours and hours of searching to find information that is backed with facts.   What is presented here only scratches the surface of the lie we have been forced to live.   So if in these next months you encounter facts that do not jive with what you have known to be true, stop and ask yourself how to find out the real truth.   If you need help searching send me an email and I can generally point you in the correct direction.   There is a very evil force in play in this country and the world.  I believe the one thing that has tripped up this effort is the fact that the internet connects us with information that previously could be hidden from view.  This takes time to dig out real facts but hopefully this column can point you to some reliable sources.   All of us have been working so hard for years to stay ahead of taxes and fees and regulations that we could not take this time.  Meanwhile main stream media and tech censorship strive to maintain the narrative of the deep state.  It’s important to keep an open mind and weigh incoming information with sources, statistics and facts.  Decide for yourself what you will believe to be true.

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