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Guarding your digital profile

Guard your Digital Profile                                                     January 2022                                             By Debbie Johnson

It has been quite a year we just completed.  Who would have thought that the erosion of our personal freedoms would be so dramatic in one year.   Children have been forced to mask in schools even though many studies show masks are not effective and even harmful.   People have lost their jobs or been denied services because they do not want to inject an experimental vaccine.   Parents have been persecuted for speaking up at school board meetings.  All point to a corrupt government at war with it’s citizens.

When will all of this craziness stop?   It is up to the citizens to say no more! Look at other countries like Australia and Canada and New Zealand that have forced COVID camps to send people who are unvaccinated.   Here in the United states these camps have already been built to house immigrants.   Do you think they will be disassembled once the immigrants are processed?  One has to wonder where all of this is heading. 

This issue I want to talk about digital ID’s and how data will be the next weapon to be used against the populace.   Congress has already approved and it has been placed into law to create a nation wide vaccine database.   This database was added to the last spending bill.   It is supposed to be “anonymous”.   Little by little people are willingly giving up information for the sake of “safety”.

A similar attempt was made around 2005 with the national Animal ID program.   This collapsed under the complexity of technology but it was supposedly to protect people from outbreaks such as mad cow disease or bird flu or swine flu.    It could very well have been a test run for tracking humans.   Every animal was going to be tracked in this system and wear a tag.   All movements of animals had to be checked in and out of the system.  For instance if you had a horse and took it for a ride you had to check it out and back in with this system.    However factory farms were allowed to tag huge lots of animals.   It was really an attack on the homesteader to try to make it difficult to have a flock of chickens or other livestock.   Declaring an emergency could allow the government to eradicate all animals in an area.   We all can be thankful it failed but it may have been a model for what is to follow.  

This week I got an invitation from a facebook friend to join a new fun application called Nearby Friends.   How cute that I could tell if any of my friends were close by when I went to town.  You can choose to unlock your smart phone with your face so you don’t have to bother to type in a password.   You can even pay for something by waving your phone next to the register.   This is the start of digital id’s and vaccine passports.  

Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote a very interesting paper on this topic at https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2021/November/PDF/digital-id-pdf.pdf .

The next step as people get acclimated to the convenience of technology is the eventual implementation of a social credit system.   India has a data base of more than one billion digital identifications of people called Aadhaar.  It’s the largest system of it’s kind so far.  People are starving because the system doesn’t  grant them an allotment of rice as it should.   It is so huge people simply end up starving before it can be resolved.   Dr. Mercola has many other informative articles at www.mercola.com .

The United States vaccine passport effort revolves around a public-private  partnership called the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI).   This is in partnership with  a military-intelligence think tank called MITRE, which specializes in covert surveillance and data collection on citizens.  

If you watch the weekly presentations by Monkey Werx on youtube you can see the effort put into spying on citizens.   One of these efforts is the “Google Balloons”.   These were started as a means of providing internet service worldwide.  The technology is now in the hands of the government.   Monkey Werx used to track many balloons but now they are mostly hidden.  You only can tell where they are shortly after they are launched.   They fly at 50,000 to 60,000 feet in elevation.   This is in addition to up to 10 aircraft in a day specifically outfitted to gather data on people.  These planes travel in circular or oblong patterns over and over grabbing cell tower, video and other surveillance.   The new 5G cell towers are also ensuring that there is no place to hide from this oversite.

Much of the infrastructure for a new normal police state is in place.   For those yearning for an end to the pandemic related restrictions, credential programs certifying their vaccination against COVID have been marketed as the key to reopening and restoring personal freedom.   Even as I write this the current resident of the white house is giving speeches on how dangerous OMICRON is  and how only the unvaccinated are dying (he actually said that today) and how the hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaccinated people.  

The vaccine is not for your health,  it is for your control while making the drug companies very very rich.  Even if you believe they are totally safe(which they are not), the hidden agenda should alarm you!

If nothing else be very aware of the “convenience” of technology.  Many people think it is not a problem because after all they are not doing anything wrong.   That thinking is what got us from ten days to slow the spread to forced masking to forced vaccines to forced boosters to new variants to declared emergencies requiring drastic measures.   This next year I believe will be the determinant of our future as a free society.

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