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Hope Still!!!

HOPE   By Debbie Johnson  December 2021

This is the twelfth installation of this column!  It seems like I just started writing yesterday!    I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about the evils in the country and the world and how it has come to be but for this article I wanted to write about hope for the future.   I have to admit I struggled when thinking about this and now there is a deadline!   Just in time I encountered a summary that helped me out plus I’ll add a bit of my own observations.

It seems there is someone occupying the White House (or not) determined to destroy America and it’s citizens.  However there are signs that Americans are waking up and taking back control of their lives.   The faster this happens the sooner we are free of this tyranny.  Here are some signs that we are turning the corner on this dark time.  

First is the Omicron variant.   While there are still those living in fear, there are many signs that the Omicron is not having the terror induced compliance that those in power were hoping for.  The play list is worn thin.   Shut down travel from eight South African countries but only two have any cases of Omicron at all.  How does one test for this variant?  They must indeed be testing because it is randomly popping up all over!   No deaths, no hospitalizations known at this point and mild symptoms.   Using it as an excuse for more shutdowns and tyranny is losing its effectiveness.  If you unscramble OMICRON you get MORONIC.   If you unscramble DELTA OMICRON you get MEDIA CONTROL.   This may not be a coincidence – do not comply! There are firm statistics now showing that the vaccinated are getting sick and dying at a greater rate than the unvaccinated.  Information on hidden effects of the vaccine are coming to light.  The FDA just added a warning about the Pfizer Vaccine https://resistthemainstream.org/the-fda-slaps-major-warning-about-pfizer-drug-as-vaccine-reactions-come-under-scrutiny/ .

Second  the Maxwell trial is finally moving forward!  Ghislaine Maxwell was the accused madam/girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein who supposedly committed suicide in prison while arrested for massive child abuse and sex trafficking accusations.   This trial is also bringing out deeper glimpses into all of the politicians and celebrities, etc. ensnarled in this corruption.   It’s almost more important than the trial itself!   Long lists of VIP’s who flew to Epstein Island are being exposed.   Recently over 20,000 images stored on hard drives in Epstein`s Manhatten apartment are coming to light.   High profile people from the CEO of twitter to Chris Cuomo from CNN are either being fired or resigning.   Why now??  To keep track of all significant resignations or firings there is a web site at: https://www.resignation.info/

Third is the record cold temperatures in Sweden and Russia plus a blizzard with a foot of snow in Hawaii.  Is this eroding the false narrative of climate change?  If that doesn’t maybe people should ask why the elite continue to purchase multi million dollar homes on waterfronts!

Fourth is the saber rattling going on between Biden and the world.  Is it real?  When will the Biden bluff be called?  From the cancelling of participation in the Bejing Olympics to the “stern” video conference with Putin will the people start to wake up to what a mess Biden is making of world relationships?

Fifth is the implosion of Kamala Harris.   Can anyone be less popular than Biden?  Her staff thinks so but so does even the most positive of the fake news network polls.   Is she in a death spiral professionally?

Sixth is the January 6th insurrection accusations are falling apart.  It’s looking more and more like an inside job instigated by the FBI.  Upcoming depositions may uncover some shocking facts.   What really happened to Ashli Babbit?   Why are people being rounded up and held without bail for misdemeanor charges arising from this witch hunt?   This has the potential to blow wide open very soon.

Seventh are new developments regarding Hunter’s laptop and new events entangling Project Veritas.  Rudy Guiliani, who was the mayor of New York City during 9/11 and fought and largely defeated organized crime in New York, had his apartment raided by the FBI for “evidence”.  They took away lots of data but when Rudy offered the copy of Hunter’s laptop that he had they did not want it. Why?  That was several months ago.  Now James O’Keefe from Project Veritas had his home searched along with the homes of other Project Veritas journalists.   They were looking for Joe Biden’s grand daughter’s diary that they accused Project Veritas(PV) of stealing.   The truth?  That diary was handed to PV by someone claiming it was her diary.  PV verifies all of their information and could not verify this.  They tried to turn it over but were refused!  However in the raids many other phones and computers were seized and contacts were leaked to the fake news.   PV has been very active in uncovering whistle blowers in all kinds of settings from fake news to covid reporting.   They are constantly sued but have never lost a case,  There are huge cases in process that will uncover even more of this injustice and corruption by this brave organization!

Eighth I will combine several key ongoing events that may cause even the most ardent liberal to think twice about their world view.  Issues such as runaway inflation, overrun borders, loss of energy independence, supply chain issues, mandates and rampant government spending.  Liberal policies implemented totally outside of Trump’s influence are making life miserable for more and more people.  What is the breaking point?  Will Kyle Rittenhouse sue the fake news media into oblivion?

Ninth I will add the opportunities for the new year given new leadership in Virginia!  It may not be perfect and it will not be easy but there is hope to demonstrate a way out of the downward spiral we have been in.  More on my plans for the new year soon!

While much seems to be spiralling downward, I continue to see signs that the veil of corruption is lifting and hold out hope for the new year. 

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