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CRT Language

Third article – by Debbie Johnson

“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King

First let’s summarize the first two installments of this column.  The first column talked about what this newly public concept of Critical Theory is; it’s connections to Marxism, the beliefs Critical Race Theory espouses, and how it has managed to take hold in modern society including our schools.   The second article covered resources to recognize the obtuse language of Critical Race Theory, the ways information is being censored to control the narrative, and the ways to recognize coercion and manipulation.

This third column will talk about recent events unfolding that hopefully will create a curiosity to investigate what is happening in not only the United States, but also the world before it’s too late to react.  

If you have not listened to Glenn Beck’s presentation at CPAC 2021 in Dallas it is very well worth your time.   It is on YouTube (so far – see censorship!) and you can find it by googling Glenn Beck CPAC 2021 (again so far!).   He has started a museum of American history in Dallas and collected concrete artifacts to document that history.  He brought many of those artifacts to CPAC 2021.  His talk is much more a historical presentation than a political presentation.

As you look at what is presented on either side of this great divide, be mindful of concrete facts vs claims.   So much of the manipulation in modern society is accomplished with carefully crafted statistics and the careful censoring of alternative views and emotional arguments.  

Donald Trump just filed class action law suits against Facebook, Twitter and Google that will represent anyone in the US harmed by the censorship of anyone writing anything contrary to the Marxist narrative.  That includes anything contrary to the promotion and requirement of controversial experimental vaccines including the thousands of people who have died from these shots.  You can find the facts by searching for the VAERS report documented on the CDC website.  https://vaers.hhs.gov/

The significance of this lawsuit is that many people had Facebook business pages that would attempt to sign on one day and find it is all gone.   A note saying the person violated some community standard and no way to find out what the problem was or any way to appeal.  So people who used the page as a means of continuing business in spite of lockdowns would find their business gone.   Considered collateral damage – no big deal!   This has happened to people right in the Floyd community.  Why is it so important to silence any dissenting opinion?

The people of Cuba are protesting the communist government.  The current Department of Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas has warned the people of Cuba that they will be sent away if they attempt in any way to cross the border into the United States.   This is at the same time the US – Mexico border has seen the largest number of illegal entries ever with virtually no one turned away.  Why is it different for Cubans?  Is this odd for someone born in Cuba whose parents escaped to the US when he was a child?   Just do a search on Mayorkas and Cuba to confirm.  The main stream media is claiming the Cuban people are protesting Covid restrictions and not protesting their oppressive government.  Why the differences?

Daily posts of climbing covid numbers and new variants popping up.    Case counts can be manipulated to project any desirable outcome by adjusting the number of cycles in the PCR tests used.   Deaths can be a more reliable measure of impact as long as they track deaths from COVID instead of deaths with COVID or ‘probably’ COVID deaths.   WSLS10 news used to publish the daily covid count on the front facing page of their web site in May and June they started to publish total deaths from the start of the pandemic when the daily number got very small.  The larger number served to cause more alarm.   They quietly discontinued the daily report entirely at the end of June.  You can still link to the direct site at:  https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/covid-19-in-virginia-cases/   On this dashboard you can explore the actual reported numbers and compare that with the narrative you hear on main stream news.  Remember that widespread testing did not start until late May or June of 2020 so it would be expected to see more cases once the testing was fully implemented.  Why are statistics being manipulated?  It should be noted that writing such heresy on Facebook will currently end up being censored with a threat of banning. 

Critical Race Theory and the new transgender policy is being fought in Virginia school districts.  Louden County Virginia is serving as ground zero for the protest against critical race theory and also the Virginia model policy on transgender students.   Teachers in Virginia and across the United States are facing termination for what pronouns they use or if they disagree with the tenants of Critical Race Theory.   Parents are shut down in school board meetings and sometimes arrested.  

Russel County schools in Virginia have unanimously rejected the Virginia proposed transgender policy.   This battle is still in progress in Floyd county.   The Floyd County school board in June delayed a decision on transgender policy to August 9th.   It remains important for any residents of Floyd county attend and speak up at this meeting which will be held in the high school auditorium at 7:00 PM on August 9th. 

There are many more examples of current events censored from main stream media and social media.  Hopefully this article sparks curiosity about what other information is hidden!

To be continued!

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