16 Corruption in Voting/January 6

Election Integrity

Election Integrity – By Debbie Johnson

“It’s No Longer About Who Gets to Vote…  It’s About Who Gets to Count the Vote” – Joe Biden

There recently has been significant information leaking into main stream media about the 2020 election audits.   This column will provide some background for this news and shed some light on why you may have heard this was the “safest election ever” over and over in the media or the phrase “no evidence of fraud”.

Those who anxiously awaited the results on November 3, 2020 where very soon shocked on what unfolded as results were announced within minutes for candidates clearly with less votes but also as all counting stopped for many states the night of November 3 .   But the real story starts much earlier.   For those who are interested in digging deeper there is an excellent summary at https://t.me/IvanRaiklin/1286 .  This pdf document composed by Peter Wolf and shared by Ivan Raiklin is a great summary of the types of fraud that is being looked at now.  This information is in telegram but you can view it without joining.  Ivan is very active in the election audit for Virginia and also has a facebook page for those interested.

The PDF document has links to all supporting information but in general outlines four large categories of fraud.   The process started early in the election cycle.

  1. Prepping for Fraud and Influencing the Election

Planning for the 2020 election started very early in the cycle.   Some argue that the pandemic was part of this plan, but definitely it justified the mass implementation of mass ballot mailings in states that have never attempted this process before.   In addition the disinformation campaign in main stream media was in full force.  Some say just the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop information was enough to influence the election itself.  States were changing voting laws at a rapid pace and in many instances outside of the bounds of state constitutions. 

  • Election Machine Manipulation

Election machines were used in many locations, though not all.   Most of the machines used were from Dominion Voting Systems using Smartmatic software.   It was guaranteed that these machines were not connected to the internet in any way.  Only recently this is being proven to be false.   In addition there is information about “weighted voting” where if 1 person votes for candidate  A  and 1 person votes for candidate B, Candidate A gets .73 and candidate B gets 1.27!!!   This is reflected in the fractional reports reported from these machines.  This capability is documented in the manuals.  Machines were also configured to send up to 60 percent of the ballots to manual adjudication.  Poll watchers were barred from the counting areas, often in the name of Covid or they were forced to stand far away from observing the process. 

  • Matching Ballots to Machine Count

The PDF document lists many examples of the manipulation of ballots.  Not all processes were used in all states.   “Phantom voters” were identified as people added to the rolls in advance of the election to be used if needed.  There has recently been purges of many thousands of voters from the rolls in several states.  Overnight ballot drops in swing states as witnesses see ballots delivered days after the election.  In Georgia a video showed ballots being pulled out from under a table in several large suitcases in the middle of the night after everyone was sent home due to a “water main break” that turned out to be a leaking toilet several floors above the counting area.   Five people stayed behind to process these ballots that appears.  Thousands of Witness Affidavits and whistleblower testimony were compiled but ignored.

  • Ignoring and Supressing Election Fraud Evidence

Mainstream media was diligent in disregarding the mounting evidence.  The courts never would look at any evidence provided right up to the supreme court.  Social media banned or censored anyone posting anything about election fraud.  State senates never took action and Congress remained silent. The states involved ignored subpoenas.  Some states offered half way measures at recounts that would keep any fraud safely hidden.  Mysterious events of shredding documents were reported.

General Michael Flynn outlined ten facts about the 2020 election that argue for conducting audits at https://www.westernjournal.com/gen-flynn-exclusive-10-indisputable-facts-2020-election-argue-audits/  .

The narrative is very slowly turning largely due to the voices of the people.   Arizona was the first to take on a full forensic audit.  This has been debunked in the main stream media but a recent hearing is weakening the opposition.   Still remaining subpoenas have been ignored but already there is suspicion that the fraud in one county numbers in the hundreds of thousands of votes.  We all will see.  This effort by the people is triggering is others to enter into this arena.  One of those people is Seth Keshel.   Seth is a former Captain in Army Intelligencespecializing as a data scientist.  He focused on using publicly available data on registrations and voting results to identify areas where it would be worth to pursue further investigation.   He has a telegram channel that you can view without joining at https://t.me/RealSKeshel .  Seth applied his analysis to every county and city in every state.  He brings this information closer to home in Virginia.  Floyd county happens to be yellow in this analysis.  In the diagram the counties in red are good targets for further investigation and the counties in yellow are also possible targets.   He compares this to using a metal detector to find out where there might be treasure, but you must dig down to see if you found a gold ring or a rusty nail.   Another great resource is www.frankspeech.com .  This site was started recently by Mike Lyndel  who has been very active in exposing fraud on a nation wide scale. 

So given all of this information why is this taking so long and why are there so many at all levels public and private fighting the process of verifying once and for all the results of this election?  The simplest way to stop the debate is to perform an audit and report the results.  It seems there might definitely be enough questions to warrant this double check on the most important institution of our Republic.


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