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Devolution                              April 2022                                                                            By Debbie Johnson

In this issue I want to talk about the concept of devolution.   Many people may immediately conclude that I may be crazy because Trump will not be back.  Afterall it’s been well over a year – so when will I give up?   I’m going to list out some of the historical events both past and recent that make me believe that some form of devolution is not only a possibility but is looming very near.   Once you see the details feel free to come to your own conclusions!

I have been reading about the history of the military being concerned about the takeover of the United States by the deep state since the 1960’s.   I have read that they were almost ready to act during Obama’s second term until they met with Trump and he decided to run for president.   I of course have no confirmation of this information, but the following events continue to lead me to believe that this very well might have been the case.  I put the best links for more information on my web site under the Devolution page at www.deberosa.com .  Phil Godlewski and two personalities known as Patel Patriot and Slag have done considerable analysis and research into this topic.   Patel Patriot and Slag post written articles if you would rather read.  They have links built in the articles for reference.  Phil Godlewski does more power point video presentations showing video clips as confirmation.   An introduction done recently by Phil reading a document written by Slag and the reading of Patel Patriot’s intro are a great place to start so I linked them first on my page.  Each are about an hour long if you skip over their introductions which are about 20 minutes.  

Devolution and a government in exile are very related.   Simply put, devolution is a reaction to an attack, while government in exile is a reaction to an invasion.   The attack or invasion does not need to be a boots on the ground with guns kind of event.  Devolution is the military chain of command executing decisions within a pre-written battle plan while a government-in-exile is a civilian government displaced as a result of an invasion by a foreign power.  

In devolution the military has a plan and counter plan for every possibility.  The military is mostly involved in maintaining the continuity of government(COG).  The plans sometimes include some civiilians. As mentioned, Slag gives a detailed description of the Philipines in 1942 but I also saw similarities in what happened last year in Miramar (SirLanka) where the election was declared void and the military took over.  Devolution does not have precident in the United States.    

Trump saw trouble coming with the declaration of Covid  in February 2020.   Remember the media reaction to his suggestion of hydroxychloroquine?  Remember the famous eye roll of Dr Fauci in an early Covid briefing plus the slaughter of elderly people in nursing homes and the lockdowns?   Trump declared a state of emergency in spring of 2020 which granted him sweeping powers.  Biden recently extended that emergency declaration.

Another key concept to understand is a color revolution.   A color revolution is a regime change brought about by street protests, disputed elections and favorable media coverage.  Most color revolutions are brought about by the support and influence of a foreign entity (Hitler is an exception).  Foreign influence is key.  It’s this influence that qualifies it as an invasion and triggers devolution similar to what happened in Miramar recently and also in Ukraine in 2014.  Was this happening in the United States?

There were definitely street protests and there was definitely a disputed election, definitely there was favorable media coverage.   The foreign influence is a bit more subtle until you look at ANTIFA and in particular the DC riot of May 2020.   Slag has a clip of the Chinese commands among the rioters.  However I think more pertinent is the understanding of the Dominion voting machines, and the little publicized details of data being fed via satellite to first Spain, and then Germany as well as a company called Leonardo out of Italy.   Trump was ready – all of what happened in 2020 was tracked because they studied the cheating that occurred in 2016 and in the 2022 midterms.   The Georgia senate runoff elections in January 2021 served as additional proof, since the same script was used.

There is a woman, Maria Zacks, who obtained affadavits from Italians involved in the election theft via the Leonardo company.  She actually handed this information to Trump on Christmas Eve at Miralago.   I watched her speak about it in detail at that time, then it disappeared until last month.  She presented at the Kansas State Senate all of her data.  She has been fighting all along, through death threats and attacks.   She has the witnesses hidden and ready to come forward.   She was presenting to Kansas because indeed fraud occurred in this very red state as well as virtually every state.  I wrote in the past about Seth Keshel who did statistical analysis but corruption was found across the country which not only caused Biden to eek out a win in some states but in red states the data shows that the votes were pared off of Trump’s counts to meet a predetermined ratio.  Over and over it can be seen that Trump pulled far ahead to a set point after which the two candidates maintain the same ratio of votes.  So even if Trump won the state, many votes for him were removed.  This was to supposedly help make the corruption in the swing states less obvious.  To me that is the smoking gun for foreign interference not even covered by the three men above so I added the link to her video on my page.  I watched all of what she talked about in real time in December 2020.  She even mentions the Nashville bombing from that time frame.  To me Maria Zacks is an amazing brave patriot!

Trump was very busy with reorganizations and executive orders in November 2020 through January 19, 2021.   Have you ever seen a lame duck president do this?   All three men cover in detail the many executive orders, military chain of command changes, the movement of Chris Miller into the acting Secretary of Defense, the movement of the NIS over under the Defense Department and the promotion of two important people Ezra Cohen Watnik and Kash Patel.   You can see Kash(the name of my new kitty!) more active recently in the media. 

Other odd occurances since January 20, 2021 abound starting with a very strange inauguration inside of razor wire guarded by armed troops.  When Trump held his first rally since leaving office, tens of thousands of people attended.   Then he created the Office of the President and started sending out statements.  The rallies since then have been quite regular and take on the flavor of campaigning.    Trump also has much of his former staff.   What former president does this?  

Many of his staff are meeting abroad, for instance Ric Grinnel in the Balkans as a “special envoy”, Mike Pompeo is in Taiwan “accepting an award”, Jarad Kushner went to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Steve Mnuchin visited Saudi Arabia in 2021 and Mike Pence met with the President of Israel. 

There is one more thing that very few people are aware of.  There are documents that Presidents can create called Presidential Emergency Action Documents( or Directives) or PEAD.   A PEAD is a very secret classified document drawn up by a president for continuity of government.  Congress does not have to approve and they also do not get access to the presidential PEAD’s.   It is rumored that Trump created 38 of these.   One would do though.   No one knows because while PEAD’s are definitely a known entity no one has access to those created by Trump.   Have you noticed recent runs by Congress to get “Presidential papers”?  Are they nervous?  Is that what the January 6 committee is for?   Congress also tried to legislate access to the PEADS and that is outlined by Patel Patriot in his introduction.  It is also rumored that the Trump press conference on January 6 was where he was going to pull out the PEAD that declared him a president in exile for the military to take over and new elections held.  But that is speculation at this point.  He called the press conference off the day before.  

So will Trump declare as a President in exile?   No one knows but Trump. But there is certainly a considerable number of events that point to that happening.   Many of you (and I) might wonder why wait so long?   The answer is US, We The People!  If there is not support of the vast numbers of We The People there is no point, he is not trying to become a dictator.  To me it’s a matter of waking people up to what our government is doing to us and understanding that devolution is needed to fix it.   It takes getting the word out like these writers are doing so people understand that the hatred of Trump is really about the Deep State’s fear of losing control of We The People.   It’s a major reason I write this column – so that more people can know where to look for information and make informed decisions.

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