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Fake SOTU and other smoke and mirrors!

April Fool or ?                                                     April 2022                                                      By Debbie Johnson

 Did anyone watch the State of the Union(SOTU) address?  I did because of the very strange happenings in Washington DC in the days leading up to the event.  I follow the filming of Kelly Brady(Nancy Drew on telegram) and Richard Citizen Journalist on telegram to know for sure what is happening in Washington DC as opposed to the main stream media narrative.   They are regular people going out with a phone and showing what is going on.  

In the days before the SOTU fences started to go up around the capitol.   Many heavy military vehicles were parked mostly outside the fence on the streets and even at the entrances from the beltway leading to DC.   Any possible vehicle was used, snow plows, dump trucks, garbage trucks and busses of police from cities such as Philadelphia and New York City.   We all thought it was for the Trucker Caravan on it’s way to DC.  However within a day after the  SOTU all of this disappeared.  Why was it there in the first place?  How much did that cost?

That was the first red flag for me about the SOTU but as I soldiered through all of the Biden lies and bumbling I had to feel there was something very weird and otherworldly about the entire event.  I even flipped back to watch Trump’s last SOTU again to see if I was crazy!   Some of the many things I noticed and re-examined were that sometimes when the camera panned out to the entire audience every seat was filled and other times half of the seats were empty.   Views of the Supreme court justices seated in the front two rows were completely still shots!  No one moved!  As a matter of fact when the camera focused on Mitch McConnel he never moved.  One person on telegram saw the SOTU live on the TV at the same time Nancy Drew was posting the motorcade arriving at the capitol.  

In addition the entire behavior of Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris can only be described as bizarre!  They either staired into space or jumped up and down out of sync with each other or what was actually being mumbled in front of them.   I watched a detailed analysis done by Phil Godlewski where he demonstrated in detail how it appears that first the taping of Biden occurred (I’m sure after many takes) and then both Nancy and Kamala were filmed in front of green screens with the chairs and backgrounds added.  

There were many more inconsistencies even if you did not even play the sound or pay attention to what was being said.    These were just a few things I have observed.   This now leads to a host of other questions, the main ones being how? And why?   The only thing I could think to do was to email my representative to see if he was there and what he saw.   Surely not all of congress is in on this charade? 

I have not gotten an answer yet, but if the US can so blatantly fake something as central as a State of the Union address, the question is what else is fake?  I have written about some of this in prior columns.   What about Russian aggression in Ukraine?  We all know what the main stream narrative is, and it was a main topic in the SOTU.   The fake SOTU.   The Ukraine government wouldn’t bomb their own people just to accuse Russia would they?   You might wait to answer that after watching the videos on 9/11 details that  I posted on my web site www.deberosa.com.   I’m having trouble finding anything about what is happening at the national level true at all!    What I can see for a fact is the price of gas skyrocketing daily and inflation across the board.   That will likely continue as long as people keep turning on that television and consuming the propaganda spewing from it!  Our government hates us and is determined to render us helpless and destitute if not dead.  Prove me wrong!

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