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Weather Modification

 Challenging Mother Nature          February 2022                                                           By Debbie Johnson

 Researching for this article took me down many rabbit holes!  I still am not sure what parts may be fiction but there are a few absolutes in my mind I would like to share.  Please share anything you happen to find about the topic of engineering, both geo-engineering and bio-engineering, in our current world.

I know a bit more about bioengineering when I studied the issue of Monsanto and genetically modified organisms back in 2009.   At that point Monsanto had genetically modified mostly canola and corn.   At that time less than 50 percent of these crops were GMO, but Monsanto was terrorizing farmers in both Canada and the United States.   In one case a truck load of GMO Canola drove past a farmer’s field and some of the seed blew out onto his field.  He discovered it when he was using RoundUp to kill weeds along the road and that volunteer canola would not die!   GMO Canola is modified to resist the herbicide RoundUp.   When Monsanto found this out they sued the farmer for copyright infringement.   Of course the farmer lost everything when he had to destroy his entire crop and seed bank.   Monsanto board members and high ranking leaders in the US Government regularly exchanged positions to increase support for GMO crops.  That was 2009.  Now the negative impact of massive farming with Round Up is coming to light.   In looking up the status of GMO crops I was alarmed!  Now 95% of Canola and Corn crops in the world are genetically modified!   Not only that there are a host of other genetically modified crops that did not exist to my knowledge in 2009.   This is very different from hybrid crops which are produced by selecting plants with desirable characteristics.  In these cases the seeds have genetically modified material to achieve a particular characteristic.   GMO corn is grown because the corn borer takes one bite of it and dies.   I haven’t found any studies to determine the affect of this kind of feature on animals or humans.   About 10 years ago I attended an Extension Service presentation at the Country Store here in Floyd.   The presenter was proud to announce then the first GMO corn to be grown in Floyd county.  They did not like much what I had to say about that!   Canola is made to be resistant to RoundUp for two reasons.  One is that it allows a farmer to simply spray their entire crop to eliminate weeds instead of cultivating.   The other is to sell RoundUp which also happens to be a product of Monsanto.  Today there are now weeds evolving to be resistant to RoundUp and lawsuits about the cancers that RoundUp is accused of causing in people exposed to it which is not too surprising. 

This was all very horrific in my mind, but pales in comparision to what I am recently finding out about the concept of geo-engineering.   There have long been concerns about chemtrails from jets, or contrails as some refer to them.  If you query chemtrails you get a significant amount of debunking articles saying they are really contrails and just water vapor.  Most of the articles are very belittling to anyone daring to ask such a question.   That led me to dig farther.   I found a presentation that Rosalind Peterson made to the United Nations outlining the impacts of chemicals in the sky on agriculture specifically https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5is16A8pfw .  She is the founder of the group Agriclulture Defense Coalition – Protecting your right to know.  Their web site is www.argiculturedefensecoalition.org   They are no longer updating the site but there is a wealth of very specific information on all forms of adverse affects that government programs are inflicting on our agriculture from chem-trails to hive collapse in bees.   It is worth checking out if you are curious.  

When investigating geo-engineering the term HAARP is sure to come up.   HAARP is a government program called High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.   It consist of a gigantic grid of antennae in Alaska that is able to generate massive energy waves.   These waves can affect the atmosphere as well as undergrown vibrations.   If you search HAARP you also get many many sites debunking this “conspiracy theory”.   Buried in that is a useful research site called Geoengineering Watch – Exposing the climate engineering cover-up  or www.geoengineeringwatch.org .  As in the site in the above link for agriculture, all things geo-engineering are collected here including government documents and patents.

So where is all of this leading to?   I have no crystal ball but I can look around me and see the impact on our environment of programs hidden from public scrutiny with little or no accountability for the damages to citizens.   Younger people may not notice but the skies are not as clear blue as they used to be.  One source I found said that today’s students are taught about 10 more cloud types than we were taught in the 60’s and 70’s.  The jets do indeed leave massive trails – and digging into these documents you can find that 10-20 million tons of nanoparticles of Aluminum Oxide, Strontium and Barium is being spread in our atmosphere in the name of cooling the planet.   It actually causes heat to be trapped at night.   That aluminum is randomly killing trees across the country.  I see it in Floyd county on my homestead which was a tree farm.  Random trees that were growing fine suddenly die.  We are told because of some bacteria or such but is it?  You can see random trees dying on the tree farms around here.  You can see the light haze in the sky on most days.   You can also see increases in Asthma, ADHD, Alzeimers, Allergies, and Autism.   Deaths from respiratory diseases have risen from 8th to 3rd in the last 10 years.   Soil experts have measured increases in Aluminum and other elements in soils and the soils are becoming noticeably more alkaline in the last 10 years.  NASA has a patent for Ice Nucleation for Weather Modification.  Sounds ominous to me.  It appears to be a merging of putting Aluminum nanoparticles in the atmosphere and using HAARP to essentially vibrate those particles to condense moisture and induce precipitation.   Have we seen storms that dump several inches of water in a matter of minutes?   Have bridges that stood for decades all of a sudden become flood threatened on a regular basis or huge hailstones destroying crops and property?  I also found that most treaties signed by the United States specifically state that weather modification is not to be used as a weapon of war.   However there is no limit on domestic use, even commercial use.  What do you think?  Is this connected to the cry of climate change to justify a new one world order and why you hear politicians cry climate change the moment any one of these massive storms devastate an area?  More questions than answers but it’s time for we the people to start connecting the dots about what is happening around us in my opinion.

I did pursue one theory about the St. Louis arch and it’s function in weather modification.  I could not find a reliable source of information on this topic but if anyone finds something please share.

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