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It’s time to wake up!

It’s time to wake up!                                                         By Debra Marie Johnson Oct 2021

 After the September school board meeting I was again up late trying to sort out for myself how the public school system could support mandating the masking of children at all times to the point of sewing the mask on a seven year old so tight she could not drink because the mask cut into her ears!  This is while disregarding that the “rule” points out seven valid exemptions for the mask mandate and there is copious amounts of data showing that masking in general but masking children in particular is harmful to their physical and mental health.  This is not just happening in Floyd (and it’s happening to more parents trying to file exemptions), it’s happening across the country.  As referenced in the first six installments of this column it seems our culture is on the road to tyranny in many facets of our lives.  People who before seemed sensible and compassionate are now appearing unreasoned and uncaring with no explanation offered for their irrational behavior.  However almost worse than that there are so many who want to go along or not make too many waves against these drastic measures.   I could only conclude that it’s time to wake up or our liberty will be gone. 

There are many things happening in the world right now to attempt to wake people up to the evil that has permeated our government from the highest levels.    Is this moment in time truly biblical?  I think so.  Society has been on a slow slide down this path for a long time, but the past two years has been a free fall.  I suspect the worst revelations of what is happening is yet to come, these are revelations that will shatter your mindset about what is real and what is evil.   Be prepared!

 Let’s go to Duck Duck Go and look at how satan works in people.   A good start is this link http://onthelineministries.com/devices-of-satan/ which listed 6 devices of satan.   They are subtlety, ignorance, doubt, pride, pleasure and guilt.   All reasons people give for not believing in the Bible or God falls into one of these categories.   Can you see this?   Can you recognize how words like anti-racism and antifa and cultural responsiveness,  follow the science, etc.  really mean the opposite of what it is proposed to mean?  Can you see how censorship is feeding an ignorance of what is happening?  Can you see the seeds of doubt being sewn in what we have always known to be true and right? Just check out the REAL Arizona election audit results at https://www.azsenaterepublicans.com/ and compare that with the lies the main stream media is portraying!  Can you see pride taking over our leaders (who are supposed to be REPRESENTATIVES) with contempt for the people they are supposed to serve?  Can you see that individual pleasure (and greed) is taking over decision making with everything from porn to election funding and money laundering?  Can you see guilt being a weapon to force compliance with the tenets of critical race theory and transgender rights, all the way to masks and vaccines?   I’m not a Bible scholar but I’m working on it but I am a Christian and just these points indicated to me that a great evil is fighting for the upper hand in our world.  I firmly believe we are in the middle of a spiritual war and it’s time for people to get right with God and take up this battle.   If something looks outrageous or confusing it’s time to stand against it in any way possible. Take stock of your skills and get into this battle!  It’s how I decided to run for the school board as a write in candidate in Indian Valley(www.facebook.com/dmjwritein) , plus offer my skills as a math teacher to homeschoolers and to write this column.   Start by voting and asking tough questions of the candidates!  

There is an unimaginably evil force in the world that has been working behind the scenes, but in plain site!   If you look up Clay Clark, he gives some talks on Rumble with The Patriot Street Fighter Scott McKay.  Clay has done some significant digging and Scott pointed out that satan cannot do his work without our consent, but through subtlety he places what he plans in plain sight!  You can check out Agenda 21 from the United Nations, and the Georgia Guidestones which appeared in the 1970’s which which lists reducing the world population to 500 million as a first priority.   Patents for viruses and vaccines years before 2020.   Even if we have never sought out this information, satan considers it permission to go forward with his plans.  Clay provides sources of facts in all of his presentations.   There are many examples once you start digging.    Don’t think your schools will look out for your children at this point.  After masks come vaccines.  If it’s not what you want it’s time to send written notice to your school.  

We are entering some strange, difficult and potentially wondrous times, it’s up to us how the story ends. It’s time to take a stand even if it’s uncomfortable or “offensive” to some.  I watched the people drive by in the flag waving at the courthouse.  What I saw was either people supportive of America or people who could not even make eye contact.   Were they ashamed of what they stood for?  Deep down I think many are ashamed, I hope their heart changes soon.   Be sure to attend the school board meeting on October 4 at 7:00 PM!!!

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