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VOTE!!!! In Person and day of Election!

Voting Season, what is at stake?                                                         By Debra Marie Johnson October 2021 (Note Virginia went red in this election!)

 Since November 2 is the official and last vote in-person day, and both in-person and absentee voting has been in progress since September, it’s time to take a conservative look at what is in store for voters this year.

At the top of the Republican ticket is Glenn Youngkin.  Several conservative reactions to this need to be considered.   Some people are not happy about the choices this time around for a variety of reasons.  Then there is my opinion.  Some say they want to write in the candidate they think should be elected. Some people will not bother voting since our votes get stolen anyhow, and some will figure that the alternative candidate is far worse, so they will go vote just not to lose.    Some vote Republican regardless, and some may even think Glenn Youngkin is a fantastic alternative.

We were dealt the same hand with John McCain and Mitt Romney, but far more is at play with this race.    For that reason, I look at the consequences of continuing the Democratic/Marxist takeover of Virginia.   The obvious consequences are a continuation of the assault on the first and second amendments and all other freedoms and the continued assault on our most vulnerable population, our children.   McCauliffe is doubling down on the fact that he does not consider parents to have any right to raise or educate their children.   He thinks Critical Race Theory is a myth (sort of like the Antifa riots of last year).   Glenn Youngkin is at least starting to speak out in favor of election auditing, and hopefully, he will become more aggressive in the coming days.   

When I became involved in my run as a write-in candidate for the school board in the Indian Valley district in Floyd County, I learned there is much more at stake in local elections than many voters realize.  As an observer of the Logic and Accuracy testing of the machines in Floyd county and observing the Pre- Processing of the mail-in ballots, I learned just how much is at stake locally in the election for Governor.  I am still lobbying for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in Virginia.   Every voting district in the state has what is called an Electoral Board of three people.  Two of those people must represent the same party as the Governor.   So right now, every voting district in Virginia has two Democrats and one Republican on the Electoral Board.    That would switch immediately to two Republicans and one Democrat if a Republican Governor is elected.   This change alone, to me, is reason enough to get Glenn Youngkin elected into office, to get that conservative voice influencing every district! The current crazy six weeks of voting and no-excuse absentee ballots are a definite result of the power play in place today.   It will worsen because there was an added feature to check if you ALWAYS wanted to receive a mail-in ballot.  That means some mail-in ballots next year will not need to be specifically requested by the voter.  All of this opens up the state to possible fraud, which is why the liberals (Marxists) want that option.   Vote harvesting is legal this year, with Democratic majorities at the state level.  What this means is you can collect ballots to mail in for other people!

Not voting is the worst thing a conservative can do, in my opinion!   We cannot take back Virginia without a large conservative voter turnout for local positions!    The state delegates, county supervisors, mayors, town councils, and school boards are more important than the Governor’s position!   In Floyd County, some offices on the ballot are being contested for the first time in many years!   Your responsibility is to educate yourself on the issues and VOTE for candidates that will protect the freedoms you care about!  The conservative voice is a majority in Virginia and really in most other states!  In my opinion, it is a myth that Northern Virginia liberal voters outnumber the conservative vote state-wide.   I spoke about the statistics from Seth Keshel in a previous column.   But conservatives need to show up at the polls – all of us.  There is no excuse!  Remember my column about the fake news!  The media portrays a picture that is very different from reality because of their liberal bias.  They will say conservative candidates are down in the polls to discourage conservative voters from bothering to vote.  Everyone has one civic responsibility to go to the polls and cast a ballot a couple of times a year – how difficult is that?

Read your Constitution carefully!  The United States constitution does not award power to the Federal government but lists how the government will NOT infringe on the power of the people!   The Virginia Constitution is even more limiting on state government!   The power is with the people! The school board does not report to the Superintendent!  The Superintendent is an employee of the school board, and the people elect the school board! It’s time the school boards take back that control and then LISTEN to the needs of the people!  You can find out more about the Constitution at www.libertyfirstsociety.com and specifically their movie  https://libertyfirstsociety.com/noncompliantmovie/

Vote your conscience, but by all means, VOTE!  Your vote is the last line between freedom and more tyranny in this election.   It doesn’t take a lot of effort.  You can check your voting status and polling places at https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation.

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