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Parallel Polis

Strength in Numbers and Parallel Polis                                                         By Debra Marie Johnson November 2021

There is strength in numbers and strength in TRUTH!  Some recent examples of the tide turning in our country is the work of Matt Walsh – he has a great chat on Telegram but you can find him in other places also.   He is researching and exposing corruption at many levels and it’s having an impact!  One place is Loudin County Virginia which I have written about before.   The school board there arrested the parent of a 9th grade girl  who was sexually assaulted in the girl’s rest room by a boy wearing a skirt.  He complained at a school board meeting about it and was arrested.  But that is not the end of the story!  Apparently Loudin County District hid this information – which happened in May and moved the boy to a different school where it happened again!  Now there are board members resigning – at last – and it’s through exposing this corruption.  They tried to ban Matt from attending their meetings because he was not a resident so he rented a place in the district in order to keep on speaking there!   Matt also works hard to expose other corruption in our government through conflict of interest.  He publicizes the stocks politicians and policy makers own and how they trade vs the decisions they make – making millions.  Now the Fed is to ban policy makers from owning individual stock and restricts trading.  This is the result of exposing corruption and it exists in virtually all areas of government.  Follow the money.

The US Department of Justice recently declared that parents speaking up at school board meetings were “threats” and declared them to be domestic terrorists!!!   Why???  Well Myorcas – the AG – happens to have a son in law making millions with a Critical Race Theory curriculum for schools!   The National School Board Association pushed this determination to the Department of Justice.  Just one letter did the trick, no investigation.   Well then 18 state school board associations, including Virginia, have voted to abandon the National Association.  The National Association now is claiming that it was just two rogue people who wrote the email and not their official position.  There are some very interesting congressional hearing videos of the recent questioning of Mr. Myorcas on this topic!

A vaccine mandate for a vaccine still not authorized by the FDA – only a separate vaccine not available until 2024 was authorized – has been inflicted on the airlines.  Pilots and staff walked off the job.  It took less than a week for the airlines to give in, at first claiming it was a weather related shutdown!   I have heard Federal Mogul in Blacksburg is now trying the same thing.   The mandate is not really a mandate at this point.  Do you know OSHA has to write the standard for it and at this point it’s just a talking point of the current resident of the white house? 

These are just a few examples of what exposing truth and strength in numbers can accomplish.  This is not a time to silently comply and hope things get better.

A very smart lady I have become friends with introduced me to the concept of parallel polis which fits right into this idea.  Again – go to DuckDuckGo and check it out!  The liberals at Wikipedia and others will paint a slanted picture.   Go to original sources in your search.

From The New Yorker by Pankaj Mishra:  According to Vaclav Havel, “the sole method of politics is quantifiable success,” which meant that “good and evil” were losing “all absolute meaning.”  Long before the George W. Bush administration went to war in Iraq on a false pretext, Havel indentified, in the free as well as the unfree world, “a power grounded in an omnipresent ideological fiction which can rationalize anything without ever having to brush against the truth.”  In his view, “ideologies, systems, bureaucracy, artificial languages and political slogans. “ had amassed a uniquely maligned power in the modern world, which pressed upon individuals everywhere, depriving “humans- rulers as well as ruled –  of their conscience, of their common sense and natural speech, and thereby, of their actual humanity.  If you are seeing parallels and want to investigate try https://www.vhlf.org/

Vaclav Havel is one of the leaders in this idea – Vaclav Benda is another!  I had to check twice to make sure I had the name right!  According to Benda, “the mission of parallel polis is constantly to conquer new territory, to make its parallelness constantly more substantial and more present.  Politically, this means to stake out clear limits for totalitarian power, to make it more difficult for it to maneuver”. This parallel polis was envisioned as primarily cultural, as in the arts, but also social.  It simply had to do with giving up on the lie and living in truth.  As Ivan Jirous writes in “Parallel Polis,” “Those who take part are active people who can no longer stand to look passively at the general decay, marasmus, rigidity, bureaucracy, and suffocation of every living idea or sign of movement in the official sphere.”  https://www.thecenterforsophiologicalstudies.com/post/the-parallel-polis-or-how-to-beat-the-technocracy

Does this resonate with what is going on today in our world? How has the internet served to grow this effort?  Why is censorship so important?   I have to admit I am not as smart as my friend who introduced me to this concept and I have more reading to do but there is this thing called a deadline! Are we slowly clawing our way back to common sense and truth?  Havel and Benda may have the key to the way out.  Send me an email on your thoughts!

Remember vote your conscience, but by all means, VOTE!  Your vote is the last line between freedom and more tyranny in this election.   It doesn’t take a lot of effort.  You can check your voting status and polling places at https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation

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