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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning, etc.                                                                       By Debbie Johnson November 2021

The elections are over and while I did not win I can take pride in my effort to alert citizens to what is happening to the children in our schools.   I can also take pride in motivating just a few more people to vote to save our state from tyranny and in doing my part to combat fraud in our elections.   Next year will be just as important for conservatives!

During my campaign I heard so many stories from parents.  From the school board you will hear that there is no Critical Race Theory being taught in the Floyd schools.   This is either ignorance of what is going on or deliberate disregard of concerned citizens.  Unfortunately the battle for the children locally took a hit during this election.  That doesn’t mean it is over!  In this column I am going to describe how Critical Race Theory(CRT) is winding it’s way into Floyd Schools and in schools in general. 

A school board member is correct when they say Critical Race Theory is not taught in the schools because there is not a grade in a Critical Race Theory course.   This is an indoctrination that infiltrates virtually all elements of the organization.  From “sex education”, “health”, teacher training, teacher evaluation, and diversity and inclusion departments, specialists and programs.    This column will speak about the term Social Emotional Learning or SEL. 

I received a worksheet from a parent with the  footnote – Center for the Collaborative Classroom, Caring School Community  and the initials BLM.  This was an elementary school worksheet.     I found the website at https://www.collaborativeclassroom.org/ .   In going to the store and scrolling down, or by going to the search and putting in ‘Caring School Community’ you will find the product listed specifically as Social Emotional Learning(SEL).   The worksheet I obtained was pretty normal but they bury this program among other reading programs and there is no way to review the worksheets but the general description is specifically about educating your child in how they should think.   This is a hidden indoctrination tactic to bury their true goals in a sea of nice sounding words.   Of course it is very difficult to get access to the rest of the worksheets unless your child brings them home!   A good source of where to find samples that parents share is in a facebook group at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopcrt   Which is a group where parents ask questions about the worksheets and materials their children bring home and get information from other parents.   Beware there are many trolls trying to discredit each post but you will get an insight to how the Marxists try to justify their deceit! 

As Critical Race Theory becomes more well known, it has been buried into Social Emotional Learning.  However the Marxist movement develops a new language regularly.  I posted one link to terms in an earlier column but an even more extensive list can be found at  https://newdiscourses.com/translations-from-the-wokish/ .  This resource categorizes the language in convenient alphabetical order!

When Governor Younkin bans Critical Race Theory on his first day in office in January that is only the start of the battle. This doctrine has wound it’s way through the very fabric of our schools and will need to be rooted out in detail.   The problem is that many school board members, administrators, and teachers are thoroughly indoctrinated to this way of thinking.  It will be a long battle.   Another good resource for fighting this battle can be found at https://www.rejectcrt.org/ .   In there they outline four steps to rid schools of this indoctrination.   First talk about the most concerning facts about CRT.  Second learn how to debunk CRT claims. Third identify CRT’s presence in your localities.  Fourth engage local leaders to voice your opposition to CRT.  Hopefully the new governor will have resources at the state level to assist with this process!

What are the most concerning facts about CRT?  Let’s start with division.  Look for special priveledges given to certain groups – not just by race, but by gender, social status even living situations!   CRT is about creating an oppressor and an oppressed and creating equity between these two groups by removing “priveledge” from the oppressors and awarding it to the oppressed as compensation.   This creates division but it also treats entire groups as incapable of achievement on their own!  A big push of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is meant to train children how to think.   Everything from “Love is Love”, which is a way that pedophiles “groom” their victims, to conditioning children to only do what is pleasurable for them.  They call working for a living the “wake and grind” lifestyle.   In a prior column I wrote about how their purpose is to become the wards and protectors of the children by turning them against their parents, teachers and pastors.   Part of the most recent effort is surveys – often meant to delve into the private life of children.  Parents need to send a written statement about participation in surveys to their schools to be sure this kind of effort does not happen!  

Write to your school board members and attend meetings!  Ask them to answer questions about Social Emotional Learning in the schools and Critical Race theory.  You can find all information about the school board at  https://www.floyd.k12.va.us/domain/76 . The answers I have heard usually are that there is no such thing in Floyd Schools (false) but look how we have a new $2 million project for a new building and will be getting new grants for new programs, etc.   Floyd county schools lost about 100 in enrollment so far this year.   New programs do not mean a better education!   Be aware of the sidestepping of the real issue.  Write often!   If you would like input anonymously on materials you can email to me and request anonymity and I will send you what I find.  So many parents are afraid their children will be retaliated against if they bring up an issue.  It’such a sad state of affairs when voices are being repressed.  Attend the school board meetings!  Even if you say nothing you can be moral support for those of us speaking up on behalf of the children.  Lastly – if you are concerned about your child getting a vaccine that is statistically killing more children than are dying of the virus, take action by sending specific notices to the school administration.   Other districts have been bribing students to get the vaccine with days off and this may increase in the last months of a lame duck governor. 

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