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Brazil had an important election on October 30th. Conservative and extremely popular Bolsonaro against communist Lula this was round two of an elimination process where they are head to head. The parallels with 2020 here in the US cannot be denied. Of course there was fraud so Lula won by the narrowest of margins. Losing every state but a landslide victory in a historically corrupt state. On this pist I will continue to add information about what I’m finding on this Right now there are massive protests and sone signs the police are supporting the protesters. Bolsonaro has called for a military audit of the results and had not conceded.

I will post articles as I see them here.

OK, FRENZ: Internet is lit with this buzz: there are 3 audit companies (one Brazilian, one American and one Russian) preparing their reports on voter fraud, along with technicians from the Brazilian military.

Once these reports are released, the Supreme Court and Electoral court and the people directly involved in the fraud will be denounced to the Supreme Military Tribunal for crime of ‘lesa-pátria’ (High crimes).

Once again, this is all unverified, except for the fact that THERE ARE firms preparing a report on the vote.

Maybe the military is the only way, after all.

I’m telling y’all – Bolsonaro isn’t gonna be quiet.

Brazil is not the United States.

Meaning: that country cannot endure 2+ years of a criminal like Lula at the helm – it would implode.

Eyes on Brazil. I’m keenly intrigued by what Bolsonaro is going to do.

JUST IN 🇧🇷 Alexandre de Moraes, the Minister of Brazil’s Supreme Court and President of the Superior Electoral Court, has ordered clearance of all roads occupied by supporters of current President Jair Bolsonaro who are dissatisfied with his electoral defeat. Pro-Bolsonaro supporters made more than 300 blockades in 25 states.

Moraes also said there was an “omission and inertia” of the federal highway police (PRF) to contain protesters and provides a hefty fine per hour and possible arrest for PRF Director, Silvinei Vasques, for the crime of disobedience in case of non-compliance with the court decision.

Not everyone knows this, but Brazilians have, in 2014 and 2015, made an endless series of mass manifestations that led to the impeachment of rabid leftist Dilma Houssef from the same PT as Lula. So we have developed a technology to do it again.

Brazilians are a happy people, extroverted, everything is a party. But we have our limits, too. 🇧🇷


🇧🇷🛞🪨 — URGENT: Protesters find a loophole in Alexandre de Moraes’ orders about blocking the avenues.

It is circulating in Whatsapp and Telegram groups that there was an orientation from a friend of the PRF that protesters can remain on the avenues and will not be fined.

What can be fined are vehicles that are blocking the way. With that, protesters are receiving orders to block the passages with dirt, tires and the like.

PS: They also said that if they ask who the leader is, just say that they don’t have a leader and that everyone is together. With this, the right to fine in CPFs and CNPJs are nullified.

Presidential Elections in Brazil under current Constitution, since 2002 (all elections going 2 rounds)

2002: 86m – 2 rounds

2006: 96m – 2 rounds (+10 million)

2010: 99m – 2 rounds (+3mm)

2014: 106m – 2 rounds (+7mm)

2018: 105m – 2 rounds (-1mm)

2022: 119m – 2 rounds (+14 million)

I don’t have the goods on trends in Brazil, but apparently everyone showed up to vote for Bolsonaro who did last time, when he won by 10mm votes, and then some, but threw out another 13mm opposition votes in four years.

I’m sure it was the safest and most secure ever in Brazil. Just don’t ask any questions.

☝️look familiar?

Essentially, Bolsonaro received the same number of votes in 2022 that he did in 2018, but he lost in 2022 because his opponent gained an extra 14M over the amount he received in 2018.

This is exactly what happened with Trump and Biden, except Trump actually recieved MORE votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. And still “lost”.

It’s the same algorithm every time. [They’ll] just change it accordingly to hide the fraud.

From a friend in #brazil:

“Everyone here saying fraud. Same story different nation. The media doesn’t want to put #BOLSONARO on TV so he is doing a speech at 5:00 on Twitter “@JairBolsonaro”

Tweet translation: “Bolsonaro was elected with 65% of the vote, the final report will be out soon, there will be arrests, the president’s silence torments the right but frightens the left. We are the last trench, we are the nation that will lead the rest of the world along the path of freedom”


Nothing to see here folks ☝️

Only that Bolsonaro won every region in Brazil except what, coincidentally, the most corrupt part of the country, the Nordeste, controlled by drug traffickers and gangs. #BolsonaroWon


“Situation getting worse very fast. At this rate, the Supreme Court will end up having to ask for a GLO [Garantia da Lei e da Ordem, Guarantee of Law and Order]. And I don’t know if the Armed Forces comply. Seriously.”





[This is not the information I have on the ground (that he will speak tonight), but Bannon knows Bolsonaro personally, and I don’t 😜😂]

I told y’all – Bolsonaro ain’t gonna sit back and let Lula take power. Eyes on. This situation is gonna get really hot, really quick. 👀👀👀

🇧🇴🟥❌🇧🇷 — Bolsonaro may be plotting coup, Evo Morales tells Sputnik

Speaking to Sputnik on Tuesday (1), former Bolivian President Evo Morales said that the Brazilian ruler may be plotting a coup d’état as he has yet to acknowledge his defeat to former President Lula in the second round of Brazil’s presidential elections.

🇧🇴🟥❌🇧🇷 — Bolsonaro may be plotting coup, Evo Morales tells Sputnik

Speaking to Sputnik on Tuesday (1), former Bolivian President Evo Morales said that the Brazilian ruler may be plotting a coup d’état as he has yet to acknowledge his defeat to former President Lula in the second round of Brazil’s presidential elections.

Brazil is South America’s lynchpin. Lose Brazil – lose South America.

What’s happening there is far more important than many realize. Especially with us being a week out from our mid-terms.

What Bolsonaro does, and how Brazil reacts could very well be foreshadowing for what is to come here.

Pay close attention and keep your eyes on Brazil. 👀

Wow, Brazil is supposedly announcing a military audit of their election.

This sounds quite similar to the Draft Executive Order Trump had prepared that was revealed in January…


The people of Brazil have now taken to the streets, in numbers that seem nearly unfathomable. Think of the Canadian Trucker protest in Ottawa and multiple that by a thousand and you still would not achieve what is happening now in Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro won in 2018 with 57 million votes, his opponent received 44 million votes. In 2022 we are told Bolsonaro received 58 million votes, but Lula got 60 million?!?!? 17 million ‘new voters’ and nearly all of them going one way…

Sounds reminiscent of the 81 million votes Biden was credited with in 2020 and it should. This was ELECTION THEFT on a massive scale and the people of Brazil know it.

Prayers for the Brazilian people and prayers that this theft will be struck down and the criminals responsible be held accountable.

John Miranda 🙏🇧🇷

This isn’t fake news. The people of Brazil are going to demand their military intervene.

@WokeSocieties 🇺🇸


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