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Government control of media??

A long held conspiracy theory that the federal government has somehow been controlling all forms of mass and social media is proving to be true.

This is first coming to light with the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk and exposing direct governmental control of the narrative on the platform. Election fraud and the Hunter Biden laptop as well as banning Trump and msny supporters has been glaringly obvious but it looks like the facts are trickling out.

I will post here the related material I find.

The importance of Twitter allowing free speech right before Nov 8th, as it relates to preventing another rigged election, is such a massive win for election integrity.

Not only can we report the facts beforehand, but it looks we will be able to discuss what’s happening on election day and AFTER they try to steal it.

We will have the eyes of the world watching, without being silenced.

Twitter and Facebook created portals with the DHS, where the government could immediately notify Twitter and Facebook to “moderate content”, which really means censor/silence.

The only reason these companies were allowed to inhibit free speech was because they were allegedly private companies, not government entities.

Which means our government was just using private enterprise as a proxy to circumvent the Constitution to suppress free speech online and coverup their crimes.

Less than 1 week into Elon’s ownership of Twitter, and we’re learning now why all of our accounts were suspended for making “conspiracy theory” posts

Elon is going to run Twitter with like 1/10th the staff it used to have and he’s going to make it 1,000x more profitable while also allowing free speech.

I love ElonAnon.

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