04 News · 12 Corruption of Government · 16 Corruption in Voting/January 6

Rasmussen study on elections

From Rasmussen:

Update: A new high in voter distrust of the 2020 election results is set today.

“How likely is it that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election?”

Likely / Not Likely –

Dem: 45% / 50%

Ind: 64% / 28%

Rep: 80% / 16%

All: 62% / 32% (new record high)

These numbers are way too defined to show anything other than the Dems rig everything under the sun.

62% of Americans believe the election was rigged. That’s about what I’ve thought. The number climbs when asked if the system of elections is trustworthy, likely above 75% answering in the negative.

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