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Trump CNN town hall and review

Trump CNN Full Town Hall

May 10, 2023


Trump CNN – On Jean Carroll “I Don’t Know This Woman”, She Called Husband an Ape & Had a Cat Named VAGINA, Dressing Room Hanky Panky 😂

Trump CNN – Trump Calls Kaitlin Collins a Nasty Person to Get Face on Live TV 😂😂🔥🔥

Trump CNN “Because now I’m not President”

Trump CNN – Q & A- On Our Border, Title 42 & The Wall

Trump CNN Answers a Question about Roe V Wade

Trump CNN “I am Honored to have Done Roe V Wade, Most Consequential President in 150 Years

Trump CNN Town Hall – Everything January 6, Chris Miller, He Pulls out His Notes

Trump CNN Town Hall – Continued on J6, election, and J6 pardons

“I will Pardon a Large Portion of the January 6’ers

Byron Donald’s went right into the lions den & put the smack down on their candy asses

Trump CNN- Trump Having a Ball After the Town Hall

Trump CNN – Q & A What would you do to prevent Government Interference? Rips Ron DeSantis

Trump CNN – Q & A Economy, Inflation, Debt: DRILL BABY DRILL!

Trump CNN – You’re Going to Find Some Real Gems in Biden’s 1850 Boxes

Trump CNN – On Classified Documents “Gems”

CNN Kaitlan Collins Last night lied & Said Acting Defense Secretary said Trump never authorized the national guard re January 6

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